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The Other Sister is a young adult book written by S. T. Underdahl based on the author's own family experience. The main character of The Other Sister is Josey Muller, a teenage girl whose normal teenage life revolves around family, her best friends Sarah and Britt, and the upcoming Hollidazzle Dance until her world is disrupted by the announcement that her family has been contacted by Audrey, the child her parents gave up for adoption in high school. The story centers around Josey's reactions to the sudden discovery that she has an older sister, and her efforts to adjust to the new situation. Other characters in the books are: Sarah and Britt - Josey's best friends and the ones who are always there for her Audrey - Josey's new 'big sister' Jake Muller, aka "Juan Taco" - Josey's older brother, age 17 Julian Muller - Josey's younger brother, age 13 Anne and David Muller - Josey's parents Brandon Burke - the hot guy at school

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Some of the main characters in "The Other Sister" by S.T. Underdahl are Rachel, the protagonist who is affected by her sister's death, and Grace, Rachel's deceased sister. Other characters include their parents, friends, and individuals in their community who play a role in how Rachel copes with her loss.

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Q: What are the characters in the book The Other Sister by ST Underdahl?
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