What are the cheats to Zelda phantom hourglass?

This is actually a very good question. You see, the cheats are in the game, but they are glitches. The glitches were fixed during production, but the activation of the glitch was unable to be removed by Nintendo. Have you ever heard of the R4? R4 is a gaming chip shaped exactly like a Nintendo DS game. A regular R4 will work with a DS, but not with the DSi. The entire reason the DSi was created was to make it impossible to use R4s. So the R4 company created the R4i. When you get the games on the chip, you put the mini sd in the game pak and the pak in the console. You go to games, pick phantom hourglass, but DO NOT PRESS A. PRESS B. B will bring you to the cheat screen. choose your cheats, save, and backup 5. WARNING: GLITCHES MAY DAMAGE YOUR CONSOLE. ACTIVATING GLITCHES IS NOT RECCOMENDED TO ANY GAMER.