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Chemicals like Bromine and Chlorine are often used to help keep pools and spas sanitized and clean. These can be found at local pool and spa stores and also supercenters.


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The types of chemicals needed to maintain a good balance in your pool or spa include chemical and non-chemical sanitizers, shocks, acids and alkalis, and total dissolved solids.

"Some of the chemicals that are needed for a hot tub are chlorine, bromine, biguanide, ozone and mineral spa care. You also need to change the water every 60 to 90 days."

Pool spa chemicals are designed to keep bad bacteria and germs out of the water. They are meant to keep us safe, but, should always be used as directed by the manufacturer. Periodic tests should also be done to ensure that proper levels are maintained.

If you leave them open for a very long time or add other chemicals to it then yes they can sometimes go bad but most spa chemicals are good

When you have a spa used by the public you want to drain it often. The water in the spa should always be clear and clean.

the chemicals that are used in hair spa are bad bad stuff. and you can loose hair and get hair lice for over a year. (p.s. never trust the people that work in hair spa)

The best way to protect your spa is to put a tarp over it. Although tarps are mainly used for outdoor activities to protect anything from rain you may use it to keep your spa nice and clean.

Many spa chemical products are expensive, but offer no advantages over generics. Most spas need 3 types of chemicals: a disinfectant, pH up, and pH down. Pool chlorine tablets can be used in most spas. These can help save money over spa-branded products, while ensuring a clean and sanitary spa. pH is usually raised by the addition of chlorine, so no pH up product is usually needed. pH down spa products can be replaced by sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda. Algicide can be replaced by Borax, often saving hundreds of dollars a year. Make sure to consult a pool professional before using any chemicals.

The same as you would a fresh water spa.

Spa Depot is a place where you may find the chemicals asked for, or you may go to "Hot Tub Supplies" and find the chemicals. Both of those have websites that you may order the chemicals from.

The carbon footprint would be very high. Think of all water a salon or spa uses just for sanitary purposes. Then there's energy. Energy for spa purposes, lights, and heat. In order to keep a spa clean, they use an excessive amount of water.

Always wear gloves! Don't assume that any chemical is safe to touch even if a bottle says it is. Always keep children and pets away while you are adding chemicals to a pool or spa. Also, be very careful to store chemicals in a locked area that is off the ground and out of reach for any pets or children.

Tell them you will do a much needed task for the family, and ask for your reward to be a trip to the spa.

The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as ... skin exfoliation — including chemical peel s and microdermabrasion

form_tittle= Pool and Spa Service form_header= Keep your pool or spa running well with help from a professional! How long have you had a pool or spa?*= _ [100] When was the pool or spa last serviced?*= _ [100] How often did you use your pool or spa?*= _ [100]

only sometimes it depends on your body type.

yes Boston spa is a very clean school , it has its doughts in the older play area but other wise it is a very good school. if you send your childrean there they will have very good chance of been the boss/top men , when of for a job...... from a pupil at Boston spa..

I have an inground spa when I turn on the jets they start then stop. I have put pressure in the line nothing clean the filter nothing. What can I do

You can just scrub the bowl of it with a brush, it shouldn't damage it.

It just depends on if the bees have another water source. Also it depends on what is in the water for the spa. Some bees are attracted to certain chemicals in water.

This is something that can be done yourself, or with the aid of a local pool supply store. You need to test your water to see what the level of chemicals are, and add chemicals to balance the levels.

Nancy needed to go to the spa to cleanse her mind.

Chlorine and bromine are the common chemicals used in spas. Chlorine can be used in spas, but in a different concentration to that in pools. Bromine can also be used and is a combination of sodium bromide and chlorine. Bromine is a favoured option as the smell is not as strong as chlorine. Both are available in tablet form. Please check the instructions to determine the amount needed for your spa before use.

There are many benefits of a health spa. One is when you actually work out at a spa, there more than likely will be other people working out as well which will provide needed motivation. Another benefit is that you will be able to use state-of-the-art workout/exercise equipment.

"Spa" in french is, well "Spa"!

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