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It is the planet's diameter multiplied by pi

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What are circumferences?

The perimeter of a circle

Part of a circumferences is an?


Which lines are complete circles?

They are circumferences

How many circumferences has a circle?

Just one.

How do you do the circumferences and the diameters?

The answers depend on what you want to "do" and what information you have.

What are the inner and outer rims of a circle called?

They are its circumferences

What is the formula to finding circumferences?

circumference = pi multiplied by the diameter

How do you find the circumferences of 10ft?

First you times 3.14 by the diameter and there you go

What is the ratio of the circumferences of two wheels if the ratio of their radii is 2 to 3?

The ratio of all lengths is the same. The ratio of the circumferences = ratio of the radii = 2:3

Why was pi invented?

because its used to calculate areas of circle, circumferences and so on

2 geomatric figures of same shape and size?

whats the circumferences of r=8

If a circumferences is 79.20 mm what would be the nearest hundredth millimeter?

79.20 0 is the hundredth place.

What are the special properties of circles?

They have a circumference which is 2*pi*radius or diameter*pi They have an area which is pi*radius2 They have sectors They have chords They have segments They have a total of 360 degrees around their circumferences They have arcs which is part of their circumferences They can have a tangent which is a straight line that touches it at one point

What is the ratio of the circumferences for two circles with areas 6 pi m2 and 150 pi m2?

area = 2pi*r2circumference = 2pi*rThe ratio of their circumferences will be 2pi*r1 /2pi*r2 = r1/r21) r2 = 6pi/2pi = 3. r1 = root(3).2) r = 150pi/2pi = 75. r2 = root(75)So the ratio of their circumferences isr1/r2 = root(3)/root(75)

What is the ratio of the circumferences radii and areas of two circles with circumferences of ฯ€ and 4ฯ€?

Ratio of circumference is π : 4π = 1 : 4 This is the ratio of all lengths, therefore their radii are in the ratio of 1:4 also. Ratio of areas is the square of the ratio of length → ratio of their areas is 1² : 4² = 1 : 16

If a circle has the diameter of 14 inches then what is its circumferences?

14 pi inches = a whisker under 44 inches

How do you write a program to input radius of a circle and calculate the area or circumferences of the cirlce?

In which computer language?

How many times larger is earths cicumference than the moons circumference?

Their circumferences are in the same ratio as their diameters.

What is the word for two circles having identical circumferences A circle is both concentric and?

Concentric and coincident, perhaps.

Why will a tapered cup roll in a circular path?

Because there is a difference between the circumferences of the top lip and the base of the cup.

What is the relationship between two circles?

Their circumferences are in direct proportion to their radii. Their areas are in direct proportion to the square of their radii.

How many earths is the moon away from the earth?

The distance to the moon is about 30 earth diameters, or about 9.6 earth circumferences.

Is it true that around your neck equals your waist?

NO. Todays people have larger waist circumferences on average than the circumference of their necks.

Which of the US coins have circumferences greater than 68 millimeter?

The quarter dollar, the half dollar and all dollar coins.

Why was the formula for finding the circumference of a circle invented?

Because it was found that there was a direct relationship between the radii (or diameters) of circles and their circumferences.

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