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What are the cities in Wales UK?


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There are five official cities in Wales: 1. Cardiff, the capital - Cathedral city status (Llandaff cathedral - in the 'village' of Llandaff, now a district of Cardiff) 2. Newport, Cathedral city status (St Woolos' Cathedral (or in Welsh, Gwynlliw Sant)), granted its city charter at the turn of the Millennium 3. St David's, Cathedral City status (St David's Cathedral) and the smallest city in the UK (Wells is the smallest in England but is much larger than St David's which is not much bigger than a village). The cathedral houses the remains of St David, patron saint of Wales 4. Bangor, Cathedral City Status (Bangor cathedral), the only official city in North Wales 5. In addition, Swansea has been granted city status but does not have a cathedral - being in the diocese of Swansea and Brecon St Asaph, is a town in the north but has a cathderal (St Asaph Cathedral - the smallest in Wales) Brecon, is also a town in central Wales but has a cathedral (Brecon Cathedral)


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Wales is located in the Western part of the UK. Cardiff and Swansea are its two main cities.

There are 4 cities in south Wales, St Davids, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea. City status in the UK is granted by the Monarch. See related link for more details.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make up the UK. The capital of England, and the whole of the UK, is London. Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales) and Belfast (Northern Ireland) are the other capital cities.

Wales is not a city but a country in the UK.

According to the Department for Constitutional Affairs, there are 50 cities in England. After the Golden Jubilee city status competition, the UK now has 66 cities - 6 in Scotland, 5 in Wales, and 5 in Northern Ireland besides the50 in England.

Wales and Scotland are both part of the UK.

UK consists of the England, Wales, and Scotland. Ten largest cities of UK include, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol. Results are according to population of each city.

Cardiff in south Wales and Bangor in north Wales.

Wales is a constituent country of the UK, so Wales can be classed as abroad from any country except the UK.

The United Kingdom's capital cities are as follows:London (England and the UK)Edinburgh (Scotland)Belfast (Northern Ireland)Cardiff (Wales)

There are five cities in Wales: Cardiff Newport Swansea Bangor St. David's

Scotland = Edinburgh. Wales = Cardiff.

UK-London (also England's capital) Scotland-Edinburgh Northern Ireland-Belfast Wales-Cardiff

There are numerous cities that are located in the UK. The main cities in the UK are Liverpool, London, and Manchester.

The Green Bridge of Wales Bosherston, Pembrokeshire - Wales, UK

Gwynedd is a county in north Wales.

Wales Wales is a country, not a county.

Bangor is situated in the north of Wales

The United Kingdom consists of 4 main Countries: The capital cities are: England - London Wales - Cardiff Scotland - Edinburgh Northern Ireland - Belfast

Wales does not have an independent government as it is part of the UK. It has its own parliament and representation within UK parliament; howveer, Wales has no independence over the UK like the Republic of Ireland does.

Wales was conquered by England in 1283.

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There are currently 6 cities in Wales: 1. Bangor in north west Wales 2. Cardiff( the capital of Wales) is in the south east Wales 3. Newport in south east Wales 4. Swansea in south west Wales 5. St Davids in Pembrokeshire 6. St Asaph in north east Wales.

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