What are the cities in Wales UK?

There are five official cities in Wales: 1. Cardiff, the capital - Cathedral city status (Llandaff cathedral - in the 'village' of Llandaff, now a district of Cardiff) 2. Newport, Cathedral city status (St Woolos' Cathedral (or in Welsh, Gwynlliw Sant)), granted its city charter at the turn of the Millennium 3. St David's, Cathedral City status (St David's Cathedral) and the smallest city in the UK (Wells is the smallest in England but is much larger than St David's which is not much bigger than a village). The cathedral houses the remains of St David, patron saint of Wales 4. Bangor, Cathedral City Status (Bangor cathedral), the only official city in North Wales 5. In addition, Swansea has been granted city status but does not have a cathedral - being in the diocese of Swansea and Brecon St Asaph, is a town in the north but has a cathderal (St Asaph Cathedral - the smallest in Wales) Brecon, is also a town in central Wales but has a cathedral (Brecon Cathedral)