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Cast-iron is either pure iron or some alloy of it melted until it's liquefied, then cast in a mold. It's relatively brittle, but because of its low melting point and easy casting, it's widely used for pipes, machines, and parts of cars, as they can be easily produced with these molds.

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How do scientist classify minerals?

Minerals are classified by chemical formula, composition, physical properties, optical properties, and special properties. The Dana Classification System is a chemical classification for minerals, and the Strunz Classification System (chemical-structural) are two systems designed for mineral classification.

Different classification of matter?

There are many different classifications of matter such as weight or density. Matter can also be classified by composition or conductive properties.

Matter that has the same composition and properties throughout is?

What is matter that has the same composition and properties throughout

What properties of mineral depend on its chemical composition?

ALL of the properties of a mineral depend on it's chemical composition.

Matter that has a fixed chemical composition and distinct properties?

is a form of matter that has a definite composition and distinct properties.

Is there a substitute mineral for quartz?

Each mineral has a unique composition and definite set of properties. Often an alternate may be found for some of these properties. For example there are many piezoelectric materials that will substitute for quartz in some applications.

What is the science that deals with the properties and composition of substances?

Properties of stuff is the domain of physics and engineering. The composition of stuff is the domain of Chemistry.

Importance or usefulness of chemical composition?

Properties of materials depends on the chemical composition.

What are polymer matrix composites used for?

yes its dependent on the microstructures of the composites. my friend told me about " TAIZHOU DOUBLE WORLD PLASTIC & MOULD CO., LTD ". who Manufacturer PET bottles. i am going to contact my friend and told him about this.

Would samples of a particular compound here and in another part of the world have the same composition and properties?

Yes they wouldn't have the same composition but not properties!

Is it true that chemical properties of matter cannot be determined from the composition of matter alone.?

Several chemical properties can be estimated knowing the chemical composition.

What properties can be observed without changing substance's chemical composition?

These are the physical properties.

What has the author Mark Yeadon written?

Mark Yeadon has written: 'Microstructures and properties of heteroepitaxial YBa[inferior]2 Cu[inferior]3 O[inferior]7-[delta]'

The properties of composition of matter are studies of?


Is the study of the properties and composition of matter?


What is part of a system having uniform composition and properties?

Any part of a system with uniform composition and properties is called a phase ant it is always true.

What is the scientific study of the composition structure and properties of matter and the changes that it undergoes?

Chemistry is the scientific study of the composition structure and properties of matter and the changes that it undergoes.

Properties of fluids and their classification?

loda lasan

What determines which physical properties a mineral will have?


Why can properties of a mixture vary?

The properties of a mixture can vary, because the composition of a mixture is not fixed.

What is fixed composition?

What is a fixed composition? the answer is a substance. Substance- matter that has the same fixed compostion and properties.

What is the diffence between physical and chemical properties as well an physical and chemical changes?

Physical properties can be observed without changing the chemical composition of a substance. Chemical properties can only be observed by changing the chemical composition of the substance. In a physical change, the chemical composition of the substance does not change. In a chemical change, the chemical composition of the substance changes.

Is a chemical composition and chemical properties the same thing?

No. Chemical composition is "What is this substance made of". Chemical Properties are "How does this substance react when I do XYZ to it". Examples of Composition are Cl_2, HBr, CH_4, C_2H_6 Examples of Properties are Boiling Point, Melting Point, Electronegativity, Reactivity, Valence Electrons.

What are the properties of en24 en31 series steel its applications?

mechnical properties of hardened steel

The study of the composition and properties of matter is called?