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What are the color codes for a 1994 Chrysler Concord with a Dolby cassette radio?


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Your cassette codes are found in your owner's manual. You can also contact the manufacturer if you don't have your owner's manual.

Chrysler does not have reset switches. You need to check for trouble codes with a scan tool.Chrysler does not have reset switches. You need to check for trouble codes with a scan tool.

A scan tool or code reader is required to read the trouble codes on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country.

You need a scan tool or code reader to get the codes.

It is done displaying codes in the odometer.

End of message, no more codes, or no codes present.End of message, no more codes, or no codes present.

Pulling a fuse will not clear codes on this vehicle. A scan tool is required to clear codes.

With a scan tool or by unhooking the battery.

You have to use a scan tool to clear codes, If the cause of the code isn't fixed the light will return.

You can use a scan tool or unhook the battery.

Fault codes, or engine codes, for any vehicle can be found in some user manuals. Additionally, a Chrysler dealership would be able to determine what each code means; this information is also published in detailed repair manuals, such as those made by Chilton.

Have a trained technician check it for codes and repair the cause.

chances are you will have to take car to dealer or mechanic to have them hook up a diagnostic machine to the cars computer

dosconnect your battery for about 12 hours, that will usually wipe out ANY and all error codes, trouble codes and maintenence flags

If you need a key code you will needs to contact your local dealer or a locksmith.

consult a service manual wiring diagram information page.

with a scan tool or disconnect the battery count to ten then replace cable

Just unplug your battery cables and it resets the OBD computer. A

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