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Q: What are the colors on a standard piece of candy corn from the wide end to the narrow end?
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What is the result in candy chromatography?

The colors will bleed out onto the paper and you would be able to identify what and how many color dyes are in that candy piece.

What is a piece of candy?

hey whoever you.are you are stupid! a piece of candy is a piece of something sweet

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A narrow piece of land that projects into a body of water?

a narrow piece of land that projects into a body of watar

How big is a piece of candy corn?

A piece of candy corn is about 3 centimeters long!

A name for a narrow piece of land?

If you are talking about a piece of narrow land that sticks out into a body of water, then it is called a peninsula.

Narrow piece of land?

The answer is a Isthmus!

Can you have a piece of candy?

NO!, only i can

A piece of candy corn candy weighs?

The candy corn is about 0.2220 pounds

Can you use a sentence with the word piece?

I have a piece of candy.

What is the best estimate of themass of a single piece of candy?

one piece of candy is approximately 5 themassi

How heavy is 1 piece of candy?

Depends on the type of candy.

How does temperature affect the rate at which a piece of candy will dissolve?

as temperature increases, the rate of a piece of candy dissolving will increase

Is gum a piece of candy?

of course it is

Was honey the first piece of candy?


How much does a piece of candy weigh?

it depends on what kind of candy and how big it is

How many oz is a average piece of candy?

their is no average weight of an candy

Why is candy called candy?

The word candy comes from the Sanskrit "çahn-da", meaning "piece of sugar".

What is Bart Simpsons favorite piece of candy?

Answer: Butter finger candy bars.

Cost of a piece of candy?

Depends what kind of candy they can cost to 50 to a dollar

What is a narrow piece of land surrounded by water?


Is there a piece of candy that is 1 cm?

Yes, there is.

What flavor was the biggest piece of candy?


Will a piece of candy melt in your hand?

it will because i did it.