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What are the common Linux commands by Oracle 10g?


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Oracle 10g's commands are internal; they have nothing to do with what platform it is running on.

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The simple answer is that Oracle 10g is a real product from Oracle. Oracle 11i does not exist; the Oracle product is Oracle 11g.

At a Linux prompt type env. Look for $ORACLE_SID. Or type echo $ORACLE_SID.

There are many companies and websites that offer the oracle 10g documentation. The best way to obtain the Oracle 10g documentation is through the official Oracle website.

the full form of 10g in oracle is g=grid computing

In Oracle 10g, 'g' stands for grid computing. For more details about Oracle 10g and overall Oracle DB please refer the following link:

Like MySQL , Oracle is also a database . Oracle has a number of versions like 9i, 10g, 11g etc. 'g' in the oracle 11g stands for grid computing.

what is difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g what is difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g What is the Full form of "i" in Oracle 9i What is the Full form of "g" in Oracle 10g ans =the oracle 9i the "i" is stands for internet and oracle 10g the " g" stands for grid and new version of oracle 11g was launch in 2007 it provided the special feature rather 8i ,9i other it have a RAC, and network security etc. and good for organization purpose .

Oracle is a database ans has number of versions . Oracle has following versions 9i, 10i, 11g, 12c etc. In oracle 10g 'g' stands for grid computing.

there is no books in oracle forms 10g in oracle publication but they have student Gide which is not good for certification exam u should try Otn forums for help......

Oracle is a database just like MySQL. Oracle has a number of versions today like 9i, 11g, 12c etc . In oracle 11g , 'g' stands for grid computing.

Oracle 8i and 9i were databases with 'i' referring to the Internet. For version 10 onwards, Oracle named the database as 10g, 'g' referring to the grid. 10i and 11i are ERP systems, nothing to do with the database.

Go to Oracle's webpage for a free download of Oracle 10g for Windows 7, and every other software need you have from Oracle! Oracle will help solve all your software needs!

The Oracle Client 10g can be downloaded from Oracle's own website. The website features complete installation instructions as well as troubleshooting tips.

pls tell me how to run oracle developer suite 10g forms using interent explorer 8 in windows xp3

The oracle 10g and oracle 8i there is a minor difference that is oracle 8i doesn't support flash back command once we drop the table in database the message is table dropped but we can use flashback command we can retrieve the drop table once in database

With Oracle 10g and above, yes, so long as they haven't been purged.

Barnes and Nobel, Walmart and Target sell Oracle 10g software. The Standard Edition sells for $180.00. The Personal Edition sells for $460.00. The price of The Lite Client is $60.00.

8i is oldest version of oracle which is notsupported in vista. vista supports 10g or elder version of Bhavesh Patel

What r the databases available in oracle 10g & which is efficient for application.

does windows 8 support the oracle10g

In C language Oracle is developed and after that enhancement is done in Java for 10g and 11g

The main purpose of an Oracle Application Server 10g, is to basically replace an older version of the servers that the Oracle corporation was using. The "g" stands for grid, and this new enhanced version is the center or the corporation. This application, is now the standard for server platforms.

According to the official Oracle release notes, Oracle and higher will run on Windows 7. See the related links below for details.

G signifies "Grid Computing"... With the release of Oracle 10g in 2003, Oracle changed the suffix in their previous release version; from 9i to 10g... 'I' stands for Internet...this was done as a marketing effort in order to show Oracle's move towards Grid Computing... Purely a marketing strategy...

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