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# drama b/w girls about their boyfriends # people talking about you behide your back # students just hating on other students # gang related prob;ems # shooting# stabbing students with knives

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Middle school and high school:

- Bullying

- Chatting in class

- Getting out of their seats without permission

- Sometimes throwing things in class- from paper to clay

- Calling out in class

- Not being on task- students sometimes don´t begin on time, or if they finish quickly, be sure to give them something else to do.

- Drawing, writing notes, or reading a book that has nothing to do with class (and they´re not finished their work.)

- Disobedience- when you ask them to give you something or to change their seat, they don´t immediately do it.

- Making annoying noises

- Chewing Gum / eating candy

There are solutions to all of these things- but it´s a matter of seeing what works with your students.

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Common problems encountered by college students can include adjusting to a new environment, and disciplining themselves to study. Other problems can include substance abuse, depression, and an inability to have long-distance relationships.

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Q: What are the common behavior problems among students?
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