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Q: What are the company contact details of 'Tracy Beaker Returns'?
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Will there be a series 4 of Tracy beaker returns and is it called Tracy beaker returns?


How old is Lily from Tracy Beaker Returns?

lily from Tracy beaker returns is 12

How old is Electra from Tracy Beaker returns?

electra from tracy beaker returns is 17

What is the duration of Tracy Beaker Returns?

The duration of Tracy Beaker Returns is 1680.0 seconds.

How old is lily from Tracy beaker returns in real life?

Lily (Jesse) out of Tracy Beaker Returns is 12 in Tracy Beaker Returns but in real life she is 14 in 2012.

Who out of Tracy beaker returns live in London?

The kids in Tracy beaker returns where do they all live

Why is Tracy beaker returns finishing?

well Tracy Beaker Returns had to end one day

When was Tracy Beaker Returns created?

Tracy Beaker Returns was created on 2010-01-08.

Who plays saffire in Tracy beaker returns?

Saffron Coomber plays Sapphire in Tracy Beaker Returns

Who plays Poppy in Tracy Beaker Returns?

Katie Anderson plays the role of Poppy in Tracy Beaker Returns.

How old is Gina from Tracy Beaker Returns?

Gina from Tracey Beaker Returns is 65 but in real life she is 81.

How old are all the cast of Tracy beaker returns?

She was 21 years old when she started to be an actor in Tracy beaker returns

Who is tee taylor from Tracy beaker returns?

Tee Taylor is Johnny Taylor's younger sister from Tracy Beaker Returns

Who plays harry in Tracy beaker returns?

phillip graham Scott plays harry mason in Tracy beaker returns

Who wrote Tracy beaker returns?

jacqueline wilson wrote tracy beaker returns

How old is Cam Lawson in Tracy beaker returns?

There are differences between Cam in Tracy Beaker returns and the story of Tracy Beaker. In the show she is probably about 40, I may be wrong

Who plays Liam in tracey beaker returns?

The character Liam in Tracey Beaker Returns is Richard Wisker. He is 15 and is extemely fit!

Who plays Sapphire in Tracy Beaker Returns?

Saffron Coomber plays Sapphire in Tracy Beaker Returns xxx

What is the real name of lily in Tracy beaker returns?

Jessie Williams is the actress who plays Lily Kettle in Tracy Beaker Returns.

Will there be another Tracy Beaker returns series 2?

Yes, Tracy Beaker Returns series 2 is coming this January (2012)

When will Tracy Beaker Returns series 3 start?

On the CBBC Tracy Beaker Returns homepage it says it will be returning on the 8th January.

When is Tracy Beaker returns series 3 on tv?

Not suree just go on bbc iplayer and type in tracy beaker returns

Who plays Carmen howle in Tracy beaker returns?

Amy Leigh Hickman plays Carmen Howle in Tracy Beaker returns

Is Tracy beaker returns real?

Tracy beaker unfortionately is not real.

How old is Danny Pearson off tracy beaker returns?

Danny Pearson off of Tracy Beaker returns is 15... I think he is anyway!