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Components of MIS:- 1) Marketing Research System (MRS) 2) Marketing Intelligence System (MIS) 3) Internal Recoed System (IRS) 4) Dission Support System (DSS)

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Q: What are the components of MIS?
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Components of an effective MIS include: a database, qualified staff, support of top management, routine maintenance and control of system, and evaluation of the system. Following these components help keep the system up to date and running effectively.

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Components of MIS:- 1) Marketing Research System (MRS) 2) Marketing Intelligence System (MIS) 3) Internal Recoed System (IRS) 4) Dission Support System (DSS

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Management Information Systems (MIS) are made up of a series of subsystems. Each subsystem is designed to handle the data produced by different components of the MIS.

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