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What are the cons of cloning?

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the cons of cloning is it could destroy human kind

it is the flying fish xx

Some cons to cloning are that you would be like eating fake or artificial food and meat. Additional Info: Short lives, and different personalities.

it could destroy human kind

One of the most significant cons involved in therapeutic cloning is the possibility that some of the cells will undergo a mutation, which can result in a tumor. Another drawback is the high cost involved in the procedure.

Some pros of animal cloning are having more animals means having more food for people and it could help save endangered animals. Some cons of animal cloning are that the cloning process can be very expensive and there needs to be extensive research done to see if eating meat from cloned animals is safe.

C. Placing an adult nucleus in a cell without a nucleus.

1. it will over populate the world 2. A evil scientist will abuse it

Some of the advantages of animal cloning is that it helps in the genetic research and offers solution to infertility. One of the disadvantages is that it goes against the moral principles such as the animal cruelty.

pros Since the DNA will bethe same there will be no organ rejection Organs will be available on demand No organ donation risks Cons The process of extraction is dangerous It is very expansive

The pros and cons of cloning organisms are as following: PROS:1.if the vital body organs are cloned,they could serve as a lifesaver by replacing the failed body organ with the cloned one.2.It can prove to be a solution for infertility since humans with certain traits can be reproduced through cloning.3.Cloning could help researchers in genetics understand the composition of genes and effects of genetic constitution on human traits.4.Plants and animals near extinction could be saved through cloning.CONS:1.Since man can tamper with genetics in humans,there can be a deliberate reproduction of undesirable traits.2.Certain ethical aspects dont approve cloning.3.The Earth is already over-populted and there is food shortage,cloning would mean more organisms.4.Cloning would result in lack of DNA diverstiy needed to improve survivability in the future.5.Cloning is far more expensive than to reproduce organismns by other means.hope my answers help of luck :)

If a plant is cloned by taking cuttings of stems or leaves will the new plant be exactly the same as the mother plant

Pros: if the cloned animal is genetically healthy the clone will be too Cons:no genetic variation= no natural selection=no evolution,

Human cloning is a topic of worldwide controversy and ethical and religious debate. It is already banned in many places. Some debaters argue in favor of human cloning for the purposes of initiating a pregnancy (reproductive cloning) and for medical research or treatment (therapeutic cloning). Debating these uses of cloning is complicated by the difficulty of reaching agreement about the definition of a human being (e.g., whether an embryo can yet be considered a human person). Further details on the pros and cons of human cloning are covered in other, similar questions on this topic in WikiAnswers.

They are gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. (Hope this will help you)

98% fail of cloningAnswer98% fail of cloning

What is the protocols for Animal Cloning? What is the protocols for Animal Cloning?

no they are not same as the organism as cloning

In general, sticky end cloning and blunt end cloning

A good Christians view on cloning is no. No cloning.

There is DNA cloning, Therapeutic cloning, and Reproductive cloning. I'd say the newest one is Reproductive cloning as it has been successful on the 276th try with Dolly.

When a clone is made without the use of artificial cloning. Natural cloning: Twins, mitosis, asexual reproduction Artificial cloning: SCNT, therepuetic + reproductive cloning.

Cloning of animals is legal, but cloning of humans is considered to be a taboo and is not legal.

Embryo cloning is when you go through the process of cloning an original embryo

no because it you are cloning the same things

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