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codeine is madness for ur health it kills silently

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Q: What are the consequence of daily uses of Codeine caught syrup?
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How do you get codeine cough syrup?

You have to get codeine cough syrup from a doctor.

What codeine syrup that looks like cough syrup called?

Lean or hydro-codeine

What is theDrug schedule for cough syrup with codeine?

What is the DEA control schedule for cough syrup with codeine

Does all Cheratussin AC syrup have codeine?

does chlotussin have codeine in it

Over the counter codeine cough syrup?

There are no over the counter codeine cough syrups in the United States. Codeine is an opiate and considered a controlled substance in the USA. I am sorry but your answer is incorrect. Cough syrup containing codeine can be purchased in Tennessee buy asking the pharmacist for the medication. I sell this product on a daily basis or at least when I can keep it in stock.

What is the color difference of codeine cough syrup?

Codeine cough syrup may be purple, pink, orange, or clear.

What is in prometh and codeine cough syrup?

exactly what its called promethazine and codeine

What medicine has codeine in it?

Codeine is sometimes found in prescription cough syrup.

How do you sell codeine syrup?


Can you take a codeine cough syrup and Tylenol with codeine?

Codeine cough syrup is called promethazine or phernegian. The tylenol is called Tylenol 3. Yes you can take these together.

Can cough syrup with codeine test you positive for morphine?

can codeine give you a false positive for morphine? I've been one codeine cough syrup for the past month on & off!!

Where can you get cough syrup with codeine?

Only by Rx.

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