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  1. Plagiarism allegations can result in the suspension or expulsion of a student. Their academic records will be flagged for this event.
  2. A professional business person will be affected by plagiarism for his/her entire career and his/her credibility will take a big blow.
  3. The most dangerous effect of plagiarism is its legal repurcussions. Copyright infringement laws are very strict and often the violation of these laws results in hefty fines or/and prison sentence.
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Consequences of plagiarism can include academic penalties such as failing grades, expulsion, or loss of credibility. It can also damage one's reputation, both academically and professionally. In some cases, legal action can be taken for copyright infringement.

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You could receive a failing grade for the assignment or class; you could face disciplinary action at school, maybe even expulsion. If it is done commercially, you could be sued for damages.


No one could be charged with plagiarism if the piece that was copied had not been copyrighted or an application submitted for copyright.

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Q: What are the consequences of plagerisim?
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