Plagiarism is defined as the illegal publication of another person’s ideas or expressions while representing them as one’s own original work. It is an act of deception which includes both stealing and lying.

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Job Interviews

What questions should an interviewer ask?

Believe it or not, the people you interview usually want you to be professional. Although it is easier to find out what a person is like in a regular conversation, most prospective employees have prepared to answer questions from you. If you do not ask any, or ask very few, they might think you don't take them seriously. If you have not done many interviews try asking some open ended questions like:

What would you view as your greatest assets?

What do you hope to gain by working with us?

How do you feel we would benefit most by hiring you?

It is also helpful to learn how long they want the job for. Although you may just assume they want a career, that might not be the case. If this is just a stop on the way to something else for them, you might consider that so that you don't hire them, only to have to hire someone else in a couple of months when they leave.

Spatzy: Here are some common questions asked by the interviewer: -Which are your strong points/ weak points? -Why do you want to work for us? -Why do you think you are the right candidate for this job? -What qualities do you think this job requires? -How did you make a difference to your last organization? -How do you handle criticism? -Can you work in teams? -What motivates you? -What problems did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

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Vocabulary workshop level c unit 7 answers?



2. turncoat




















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Is plagiarism bad?



It's for sure that it's BAD. I can say you why, because it's morally wrong to steal another's possessions; an author's original words and ideas are possessions for which the author is entitled to receive value and/or credit when they are used by another.

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Literary Terminology

What word starts with quo and means the use of someone else's spoken or written words?


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Slogans and Mottos

How do you write a good slogan?

WikiAnswers will not write a slogan for you, but we will help you come up with one yourself!

Here's what Alan Sharp has to say about slogan writing:

1. Ask a question
Does she or doesn't she? -Clairol

2. Show your unique commitment
We try harder -Avis

3. Explain product superiority
Takes a licking and keeps on ticking -Timex

4. Evoke a benefit in a fresh way
Let your fingers do the walking -Yellow Pages

5. Use an emotive call to action
Reach out and touch someone -AT&T

6. Use an evocative call to action
Put a tiger in your tank -Esso

7. Use an imperative call to action
Just do it -Nike

8. Use a one-word call to action
Think -IBM

9. Use a cheeky call to action
Let us tan your hide -Crisby Frisian Fur Co.

10. Revisit a familiar call to action
Reach out and bust someone -Crime Stoppers

11. Link a product feature with an abstract need
A diamond is forever -DeBeers

12. Link a feature with your address
We corner the market -Irving Rivers Ltd.

13. Combine a feature and a benefit in the same phrase
Make yourself at home -IKEA

14. Declare a superlative feature
The world's #1 selling financial software -Quicken

15. Make a compelling promise
The world on time -Federal Express

16. Be whimsical
It's the real thing -Coca-Cola

17. Say it staccato
Soothes. Cleanses. Refreshes. -Murine eyedrops

18. Use a two-fold delivery with a twist
Common sense. Uncommon results -David Ingram and Associates

19. Address a specific need
For women whose eyes are older than they are -Robert Powers skin cream

20. Be abstract but client-centered
After all, it is your information -Authentex Software

21. Describe your product in a novel way
Liquid jewelry -Lorr Laboratories nail polish

22. Link company name to product benefit
Never forgets -Elephant Memory Systems

23. Suggest the cost of not using your product
Because so much is riding on your tires -Michelin

24. Be grotesque to make a point
Wears like a pig's nose -W. M. Finck & Co. men's overalls

25. Turn a current business maxim on its ear
Think small -Volkswagen

26. Link a well-known phrase with your product benefit
Understanding comes with Time -Time magazine

27. Brag about yourself
We take the world's greatest pictures -Nikon

28. Brag about your product and your client
You and Betty Crocker can bake someone happy -Betty Crocker

29. Take a breath and say it all
Finest anti-knock non-premium gasoline ever offered at no extra cost -Union Oil Co.

30. Describe your service and its #1 benefit in two words
Advertising pays -Industry maxim

31. Personify your product
Laughs at time -Du Pont paint

32. Distill your business into one phrase
The Document Company -Xerox Corp.

33. Tie your slogan to your logo
Get a piece of the Rock -Prudential Insurance Co.

34. Dare to be different
Dare to diff -LOEB Cola

Academic Writing
Writing and Composition

What is plagiarism?

It is taking what someone else wrote, and claiming it is yours. It is stealing- stealing someone else's work and ideas.


Name something a writer uses to work?

Computer , Pen and Typewriter that's all, and their imagination of course!


How can plagiarism happen?

When you copy another's work without citing it, it is considered plagiarism. To avoid it you can paraphrase and site quotes.

The Difference Between

What is the difference between adaptation and plagiarism?

the difference between adaptation and plagiarism is: adaptation is delivering or executing something that is done in a new form where plagiarism means using or stealing someones idea without discretion in a literal way of writing, using or producing and presented as your own.

Law & Legal Issues
Copyright Law

Is plagiarism a felony?

It is a violation of Copyright Law - an offense under Civil Law. Civil offenses are not categorized as 'felonies' or misdemeanors.'


How does a bibliography help you avoid plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using another person's work and presenting it as your own. If you have a detailed bibliography included in your work and you cite places in your work where you used information from others, you are protected as you are crediting the original author.

In almost all academic writing other sources are used to generate ideas or to bolster arguments. The use of a comprehensive bibliography is key in avoiding plagiarism.


Why do writers use citations for references to other writer's work?

All of the above

Example Sentences

How do you get out of detention?

To stay out of detention, follow the school rules. Other tactics include: # Apologize profusely to the teacher or professor. You may have to cry, or later bring a present. # Make the school official aware if it is your first offense # Plead for leniency for minor infractions


Which is correct English 'standing around the corner' or 'standing round the corner'?

the correct English is around but the English accent is round the corner, its like Katie is suppose to be sounded K-T but some people will say it K-D

Intellectual Property
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Why would authors consider plagiarism to be such a grave offense?

If you put hours of hard work into creating unique written material, and then someone comes along and steals that work, claiming that they wrote it, then you have a good right to consider that an offense. Thieves are offensive, even to other thieves.

The flipside to this is: if you copy something that someone else wrote, be sure that you use quotation marks and tell who actually wrote it. That way, you will not be stealing the work, you will be quoting it, which is fine.

Founding Fathers
US Constitution

Why was it agreed that two-thirds and not some other fraction of both houses were allowed to call a convention for proposing amendments to the Constitution?

The Amendment Process (outlined in Article V) is meant to be drawn-out and complicated. The Founders made it this way because they didn't want the Constitution to be confused with common legislation and wanted to keep it as higher law (we see this in the supremacy clause of Article 6, clause 2). There are three subsets of majorities: a simple majority (or half plus one - over 50%), a super majority (or 2/3), and a super super majority (3/4). The simple majority requirement for propositions for amendments would make it extremely easy for an amendment to get proposed (especially contemporarily with all the party politics), and therefore would not fall into line with the "higher law" ideal of the document. a super super majority (3/4) would make it too complicated for a proposal to pass, and could prevent necessary and vital amendments from every being ratified, therefore, the super super majority is only used for ratification of amendments, to ensure that the amendment is necessary and appropriate. Therefore, the super majority of 2/3 was decided upon making it not too simple, yet not to complicated to propose amendments, ensuring that the proposal was valid enough to pass with 66%.

Word and Phrase Origins

Can you give examples of 10 homonyms with the same spelling?

Some examples of homonyms that are spelled the same:

  • Bear (animal) and bear (carry)
  • Porter (a weak beer) and porter (a man who carries luggage)
  • Lean (thin) and lean (rest against)
  • Lap (to drink with tongue) and lap (a circuit)
  • Plane (a tool) and plane (a tree)
  • Plain (ordinary looking) and plain (flat country)
  • Skip (to jump) and skip (to miss out)
  • Miss (unmarried woman) and miss (to overlook)
  • Pluck (to remove feathers) and pluck (bravery)
  • Type (to write via keyboard) and type (a sort)
  • Train (a loco and trucks) and train (to teach)
  • Fluke (a stroke of luck Fluke ( the fins on a whales tail)
  • Bow (bend forward) bow (front of a ship)
  • Quail (cower) quail (bird)
  • Fair (appearance) fair (reasonable)
  • Lie (horizontal position) lie (falsehood or untruth expressed as truth)
  • Lead (metal) Lead (start off in front)
  • Blue (the color) blue (the feeling of sadness)
Academic Writing

How would you describe to the student why plagiarism is dishonest?

Simply as "Plagiarism is stealing. When you plagiarise something, your taking credit for something you didn't do, and that's lying. So if you get caught plagiarising, not only will you fail that assignment, plus you will look like a thief and a liar"

Child Support
Sentence and Word Structure

How do you write a child support agreement letter?

If you are not court ordered to pay child support and you do voluntarily, the parent with custody of the child must write a letter verifying that you pay child support on your own recognizence and have it notarized. It has to been the custodial parent who takes the letter to the notary and she must sign it in front of that notary as well as show identification to verify who she is.


What is the correct term for stealing someones work and calling it your own in the writing world?

That offense is called: plagerism. It can lead to loss of character standing and in some cases legal problems.

Copyright Law

Can you copyright a lesson plan that uses others' copyrighted materials?


Only if you take some of their ideas and re-phrase them. You cannot copy exactly what they have. Copyrights are seldom worth the trouble. I was shocked to learn that others can still steal your ideas as far as becoming an author or selling your paintings (they can copy them with just one or two small changes.) As far as writing others can steal your ideas but cannot copy word-for-word. You also cannot take a science project (which has been copyrighted) or diagrams or any mathematical calculations, etc.

AnswerCopyright law does not protect ideas -- only the expression of those ideas in a tangible form.

If a lesson plan includes REFERENCES to works done by others, you may certainly have a copyright of your own, to the extent your plan includes some creativity (say, in your selection, description and sequence of materials). If you plan to regularly distribute materials copyrighted by others, even for education, you will need a license to do so, or ask the students to purchase an authorized copy of their own for each class.

If the plan itself copies substantial portions of someone else's planning work, without permission or attribution, you have a plagiarism and copyright problem. This can lead to academic sanctions as well as a federal lawsuit.


What are the consequences of plagiarising?

different levels of plagirisim can lead to different consequences most of the time you would either get suspended from your school expelled or get charged

History of the United States

Is the Christian Pledge of Allegiance plagiarized from the American Pledge of Allegiance?

Who claims authorship of the "Christian Pledge of Allegiance"? No


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How do you confront someone?

All u got to do is calm down ,chill out take a breath in and out , in and out. Dig in to your self and find the confidence in you to say to that special person " will you go out with me? "


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