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Q: What are the consequences when not obeying the laws?
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Do you have to pay a California speeding ticket if you live in B.C.?

Of course. Being from another country does not exempt anyone from obeying the laws of this country and/or suffering the consequences of their actions.

How can lawlessness reduced?

By obeying the laws enforced by the

Why is obeying laws important?

Obeying laws are important because if nobody obeyed laws, there would be total chaos. There would be killings, car accidents, rapes, robberies, and much more.

How can individual reduce lawlessness?

By obeying the laws enforced by the

Is obeying the laws of the country civic duty?


What were the laws in colonial Maryland?

There were very few laws in colonial Maryland. A few included: Religios Freedom, Obeying your Master (for the slaves and white workers), and for the women, obeying their husband.

What is Kansas State University's motto?

Kansas State University's motto is 'Rule by Obeying Nature's Laws'.

What are four responsibilities of a US citizen?

Responsibilities are things we should do, unlike obeying laws and paying taxes. those are duties. if those are not done, then there will be consequences. responsibilities are like voting. if you dont vote, you wont be punished.

What is the motto of Kansas State University?

Rule by Obeying Nature's Laws

What is the Kansas state university motto?

Rule by Obeying Nature's Laws

What are the consequences of not doing homework?

You flunk the assignment, your grades go down, and you might get punished for not obeying the teacher.

How do you spell obeying?

It is correctly spelt obey (follow commands or observe laws).

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