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Q: What are the contribution of estrada administration in education?
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What are the accomplishment of estrada's administration?

thats why am asking for.

Explain the behaviourism contribution of the development to public administration?

Explain behaviourism contribution to the development of public administration

What is the contribution of the greek education to modern education?

Contribution of greak education system to modern education

What is the contribution to education of Philip Quarcoe?


What are the types of administration?

types of administration in education

What are the foreign policies of Joseph estrada?

The Estrada administration continued on the same path as the previous administration. The focus was on national security, assistance for nationals, image building and economic diplomacy. Diplomatic ties with South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam were upheld.

What are the contribution of sir seewoosagur ramgoolam in education?

he made education free

How do you abbreviate masters of education administration?

The abbreviation for Masters of Education Administration is typically written as MEdAdmin.

Contribution of Roman education to Nigerian education?

One contribution of Roman education in modern education is the goal of preparing children for the adult world. Other contributions are a formal education system, higher learning, the Socratic method of teaching, and school holidays.

What are the types of educational administration?

The types of educational administration include school administration, district administration, state administration, and federal administration. School administration focuses on managing individual schools, district administration oversees multiple schools within a district, state administration sets policies for education within a state, and federal administration provides oversight at the national level.

What has the author Peter Guildford written?

Peter Guildford has written: 'Higher education administration' -- subject(s): Administration, Education, Higher, Higher Education 'The art of coarse training'

What has the author Cheryl Moen Boyer written?

Cheryl Moen Boyer has written: 'A STUDY OF THE FUNCTIONS ON CONTINUING NURSING EDUCATION ADMINISTRATORS' -- subject(s): Administration Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Education, Administration, Education, Adult and Continuing