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Those of elevated altitude and the poles.

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Q: What are the cooler regions of the earth?
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How do the total number of hours of sun light in a year compare for a tropical regions and polar regions of the earth Why are polar regions so much cooler?

A) About the same. B) Because the energy per unit area is greater near the equator than at the poles. i.e. the sun is overhead more in tropical areas (and never at the poles).

When earth's orbit elongates are temperatures warmer or cooler than normal?

Temperatures are cooler because the Earth is further from the sun when it elongates.temperture is colder because the earth is farther from the sun

Why are polar regions cooler than the equator?

Answer:sunlight strikes the poles at an oblique angle. From the polar regions, the sun is low in the sky, so that the sunlight hits the earth at a low angle, as it does for us in the morning and evening. This low angle means that the sunlight is more spread out, and thus warms the surface less. The polar regions of earth are not cooler because they are farther away from the equator, and they are not cooler because they are farther from the sun. The poles are only about 3000 km farther from the sun than is the equator at noon. This is about 0.002% of the earth-sun distance -- hardly significant.

Water is cooler near the poles and warmer near the equator Movement of cooler and warmer water from these regions moderates the global climate what describes the movement of water?

ocean currents

What do convection currents create over different regions of earth?

Convection currents create rain forests and deserts over different regions of Earth.

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why are polar regions colder then tropical?

Tropical regions are cooler , polar regions are colder

Are sunspots regions of cooler gas?

Sunspots are regions of cooler gas; however, they are still extremely hot.

The energy of particles moving from warmer regions to cooler regions is?

The answer is thermal energy

Is thermal energy transferred from warmer to cooler or cooler to warmer?

Heat always flows from warmer to cooler regions.

How are polar and tropic regions?

polar regions are in areas surrounded by poles or frigid zones, climate in these areas are cooler as they receive far less intensity from solar radiation, tropical regions are closer to the equator of the earth and therefore the climate in these areas are warmer

What is the transfer of thermal energy from warmer regions to cooler regions?

the second law of thermodynamics

Why are polar regions cooler than equatorial regions?

The polar regions get the least amount of warming rays from the Sun.

Are sunspots hotter or colder regions of the sun?

No, sunspots are cooler than the photosphere.

The dark spots on the surface of the sun that represent area of cooler temperatures are called?

The relatively cooler areas are called sunspots. They are regions of high magnetic flux and appear and disappear, most notably on an 11-Earth-year cycle.

Is Uranus wamer or cooler than earth?

The planet Uranus is cooler than Earth.

Dark cooler regions appearing on the sun that has an eleven-year cycle?

Sunspots are dark cooler regions appearing on the sun that has an eleven-year cycle. They are as a result of intense magnetic activity.

When Compared to the clear case do clouds lead to warmer or cooler daytime temperature?

In general, clouds lead to cooler daytime temperature because they block the direct rays of sunlight from reaching the earth. A major exception to this is in snow and ice-covered regions.