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What are the culture aspects?


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October 07, 2010 9:57PM

ASPECTS OF CULTURE: Values and norms

Values are relatively general beliefs that either define what is right and what is wrong or specify general preferences. A belief that homicide is wrong and a preference for modem art are both values. Norms, on the other hand, are relatively precise rules specifying which behaviors are permitted and which prohibited for group members. Note that in everyday usage, "norm" has a quite different meaning (it means average). Here again sociology has constructed its vocabulary by attaching a new meaning to a familiar word. When a member of a group breaks a group norm by engaging in a prohibited behavior, the other group members will typically sanction the deviant member. To sanction is to communicate disapproval in some way to the deviant member.


Also examples of culture are religion, language, heritage, financial class, and beliefs.