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What are the cures and treatments for black death now?

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Keep washing and go and see a doctor Immediately !

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Is the black death around today?

Yes but there are loads of cures so it's nothing to worry about now

Common treatments for the black death?

black death can be treated with. Antibacterials, antibiotics and vaccines.

What treatments did people have for the black death?

There was no treatment for the Black Death in the Middle Ages when it decimated Europe. Now, common antibiotics take care of it with little difficulty.

What modern cures exist for the Black Plague or Black Death?

Doctors, scientists and biologists have found the cure for the Black Death. Antibiotics, paracetamol etc. We now have loads of cures for this. Back then, unfortunately, they didn't. People thought it was a punishment from God. So they did silly things to cure their buboes (because they were desperate).

Where is the black death at right now?

There is no Black Death Plague right now, it has died out.

What are some cures for arthritis?

we have a problem with this question as up to now there are treatments that help reduce the symptoms and damage that can be a part of arthritis there is still no cure.

What treatments did people think would help get rid of the black death in the forteenth century not now?

people would carry herbs and spices with them so they wouldn't get the plague

Are people suffring from black death?

no, as if now. No new case has been noted of black death.

How do you get the black death now?

The Black Death can be spread just as it did in the 15th Century, through rats and fleas. Now, it is treatable with antibiotics and rest.

How does the Black Death affect our lifes now?

black death affect our lives by killing us..... the plague

How many people dies from the black death now?

None, The Black death hasbeen has been cured.

Where there any cures in the black death?

Back in the middle age when the Black Death was a big issue, there was not a cure. However, modern medicine has evolved quite a bit since then. Thankfully, so have the fashion trends. Anyway, thanks to the amazing discovery of antibiotics, we can now cure the plague. Plus, it's been virtually eradicated. I mean, it still exists I'm sure people still get it... but it's not like it was where you'd need to incinerate the premises every time the plague made an entrance. Back then, there weren't any cures to the black death. However, nowadays we can cure it with antibiotics!

Is the black death preventable now?

Because of advances in medicine and natural immunity, it is possible to prevent the Black Death.

How could you treat the black death?

hi i would like u to tell me wot kind of cures or treatments they had for the black death plaque? There weren't really any treatments until modern times. It still crops up occasionally. You would need to ask a medical professional about current treatment. In olden times, there was no real treatment. There were doctors, but they didn't do much. The best thing then was to try to prevent it. It sounds very mean to us now, but they might board up a house with sick people in it to keep them from spreading the disease. They didn't understand germs yet, but had a pretty good idea that sickness could pass from person to person.

What would doctors do if you got the black deaf now?

since there now is a cure for the black death doctors will cure you.

Is there a vaccine for the black death?

There is not a vaccination for the Black Death. The Black Death was a disease that occurred in the 1300s.

When is vampire cures coming out poptropica?


Will you get cured?

In fact, most major diseases and conditions have no cures. Instead, they have management measures and treatments to keep the symptoms under control. Most true "cures" are for conditions or diseases that require surgical intervention. Some cancers are now showing a higher "cure" rate, but always with the caution that the cancer can re-occur.

Where did the black death stop?

It didn't you can still get it now It didn't you can still get it now It didnt you can still get it

Was there a cure for the black death?

Not in the middle ages. There is one now. (Antibiotics).

Impact in the black death on economy?

well it didnt ... now get out of here

Is the black death as effective now like it was in the dark ages?

No, now we have medicine to cure it but it is still deadly.

Is black death still spreading?

No as of now not. No new cases has been detected.

What was the medication for the black death?

There was none in the middle ages. Now it can be treated with antibiotics.

What do people think black death is now?

A disease caused by the bacillus, Yersinia pestis.