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The top 3 new mp3 players would be: iPod touch, Microsoft Zune HD and the Ipod Nano. All generations of the Ipod are in top rankings. The following site has rankings on all current players

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Q: What are the current top 3 new mp3 players on the market?
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Where can Creative MP3 players be purchased?

Creative MP3 players are available for purchase at a variety of retail locations. Some stores that sell Creative MP3 players include Wal-Mart, New Egg, and Sears.

Do any Car CD/MP3 players come with satellite radio?

Most new CD/MP3 players have options to have satellite radio available through them.

What are some inexpensive new mp3 players?

There are some mp3 players in the market for less than $50 and very good quality. Some examples are the iPod suffle and the SanDisk Sansa Clip+. You can learn about it in the follow sites:

What is different between the iPod touch 4th generation compared to the other mp3 players?

The IPod touch is more than a simple mp3 player. Normal mp3 players cannot join a Wifi and download new songs right then. Normal mp3 players cannot play videos. Normal mp3 players cannot go to the app store and download games and other applications. Simply put, the IPod touch is not just an mp3 player, it's a tiny entertainment center.

Do teens use car CD players or MP3 players to listen to music?

You can now get CD players which will play MP3's burned to CD-R's. You can also plug your MP3 player into many new car stereos. However this depends upon whether or not you've got the resources to get new gear. Most teens are stuck with whatever comes with the vehicle.

Where can I find the best prices on new mp3 players?

You can search for the best prices on new mp3 players by looking in newspaper ads or asking a local retailer. Here is a recommended site to look for the best prices on mp3 players:

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How does a transmitter FM compare to an MP3 player?

A Transmitter FM can be advantageous over an mp3 player in that you can receive new songs that may not have been released for sale to the public yet. mp3 players will only play what you have downloaded to them.

Do most MP3 players come with headphones?

If you buy an MP3 new, it will come with a pair of headphones. You may want to upgrade to a more comfortable pair of headphones based on your needs.

What are some typical features of a Car CD/MP3 player?

They will have every feature of the new CD players and more, including mp3 playing, ipod hookups, and clarity control.

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Where can you find the cheapest ipods and mp3 players online?

To find the cheapest ipods and mp3 players online, it is best to shop around. Ebay, and other online auction websites would be a perfect place to start, they have new deals every minute.

Where would one find popular electronics mp3 players?

Popular mp3 players can be found on sale new at any electronics store, large retailers such as Target. They are also widely available from all brands at Amazon and other online retailers.

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Where can I find mp3 players for cheap prices?

If you do not mind having a used mp3 player you can get one cheap at If you would prefer new I would go to where there are many to choose from.

What music did Kandinsky regulary listen to whilst painting?

Are you thinking of CD-players or MP3? Try to understand, that these are new inventions.

Do mp3 players have a built in digital camera?

The new Ipod touch and one of the old Ipod nanos both have digital cameras built in. Some other mp3 players also have digital cameras built in though. Ipods are just the most well-known.

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How do i download music from my computer to mp3 player?

All mp3 players come with a wire that allows you to connect it to the computer. If you have lost it, you will need to figure out what type of cord you need and try to buy a new one.

Where can one buy a used 1GB mp3 player?

One can buy a used 1 GB MP3 player from websites like eBay, U Sell and Overstock. These are the best providers of other products unrelated to MP3 players which may be used or new.

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Can a 256MB MP3 player be upgraded?

Some MP3 players may support an additional SD card being installed in a slot. With sufficient technical skills, you may also be able to solder in a new memory chip.

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