What are the dangers of going into the solar system?

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we are in the solar system...
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What is solar system?

It's a group of planets, asteriods, meteors, moons, dwarf planets and a star. The Solar System consists of the Sun and those celestial objects bound to it by gravity: the eight planets and five dwarf planets, their 173 known moons, and billions of small bodies. The small bodies include asteroi ( Full Answer )

What is the solar system?

The solar system is a family/group of planets meteors, asteroidsand much more groups in space. They are, in order Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is no longer a planet but classified as a dwarf planet, alongwith Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.

What is a solar system?

A solar system is a collection of objects that orbit a star or group of stars. In most solar systems, a central star (or stars, like a binary pair for instance) provides the mass to keep the system in place, and also the light and heat for the smaller planets, moons, asteroids, and comets that are o ( Full Answer )

About the Solar System?

The Solar System [a] consists of the Sun and the astronomical objects bound to it by gravity, all of which formed from the collapse of a giant molecular cloud approximately 4.6 billion years ago. Of the many objects that orbit the Sun, most of the mass is contained within eight relatively solitar ( Full Answer )

Is a solar panel dangerous?

Small solar panels up to about 1 square foot are not dangerous butthe larger ones tend to operate at dangerous voltages when directsunlight falls on them.

What solar system are you in?

No, it does not have a name. The name "solar system" is the only thing we call it. It does NOT have a specific name. But, constellations in the solar system do have specific names.. No, it does not have a name. The name "solar system" is the only thing we call it. It does NOT have a specific name. ( Full Answer )

Where is the solar system?

You are standing within it. Our sun's name is Sol and the system of objects with it is the solar system and it extends all the way out to the far edge of the oort cloud.

What is the solar System'?

The Solar System is our Sun, the planets:Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the stars, asteroids, comets,and meteors in our section of space.

What is in your solar system?

In our solar system, there's a star in the center of the system, and planets surrounding it.

Is a solar furnace dangerous?

Provided you are nowhere near the focal point of the furnace then they are perfectly safe.

What does the solar system do?

A curious question. Generally speaking, in and of itself, the Solar System doesn't DO anything except that it resides in a particular location in space. The Solar System is rather a place than a thing. The Solar System is a location where exists a group pf planets, (9 if you still think of Pluto ( Full Answer )

Why is the Solar System called the Solar System?

The Latin for sun is 'Sol', thus the word 'Solar' means of, pertaining to, relating or proceeding from the sun. The Latin word for sun is sol. Solar means related to the Sun. The solar system is the collection of of planets and other objects that are captured by our Sun.

Where is your solar system?

our solar sytsem is on the western corner of the milky way i.e on the Orion Arm

Why can't people go the next solar system?

Because we are not able to travel that sort of distance in a lifetime. The nearest solar system is Alpha Centauri and about 4.3 light years away. That means you would have to travel at the speed of light for 4years and 4months to get there from earth to alpha centaury. The speed of light is 299792.4 ( Full Answer )

Is a Solar Storm dangerous?

A solar storm can be dangerous only if it reaches Earth's surface! Ozone should protect us, but it probobly will not this time.

What it a solar system?

Usually a collection of bodies that orbit around a star. Our solar system consists of a rocky planet belt, an asteroid belt, a gas giant belt, a comet belt, and then a comet cloud, all of which fall under the influence of our star's gravity and orbit periodically.

What is in a solar system?

Our solar system has the sun in the center and all the planets, asteroids, dust, gas, dark mater, anti mater, and other stuff all circling the sun!@!!

What is the most dangerous planet in the solar system?

I don't think this question has a meaningful answer. The answer for all planets except Earth is "you couldn't live there because X", where what X is varies, but then again dead is dead. For all solar planets except Earth: You couldn't breathe on any of them You would roast on Mercury or Venus Yo ( Full Answer )

What in the solar system?

In solar system there are eight planets:Mercury, Venus,Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune, three dwarf planets:Ceres, Pluto,etc., Kuiper Belt, comets,meteoroids,meteors,stars,satellites,sun,etc.

Why do you have the solar system?

We have Solar system because we live in it.........And also it is a natural objectas it is created by God

How are solar eclipses dangerous?

The only thing dangerous about a solar eclipse is if you look directly at it without proper eye protection. NEVER look directly at the Sun . If you want to watch a solar eclipse, project the image on the wall, and let everyone look at the wall.

Why is a Solar Eclipse So Dangerous?

An eclipse isn't dangerous; it is LOOKING AT THE SUN that is dangerous. You can make an eclipse viewer very simply, by following the directions at the link below.

Why do you call the solar system the solar system?

Solar means our sun and all the 8 planets orbiting around it and other dwarf planets forms a system . that's why it is called so. Also the mass of sun is about 99.86% of the total mass of solar system . So Sun is the head of our family .

What are the comets that go through the solar system?

All visible comets go through the solar system. . Those that return periodically have elliptical orbits with the sun as one of the foci. . Those that do not usually have hyperbolic orbits with the sun as a focus.

Is it possible for your solar system to go outside your galaxy?

Yes, in theory, although currently our Solar System doesn't seem to have this tendency. If our Solar System gets near another star, it may in theory change its direction, gaining enough speed to be catapulted out of our galaxy.

Is there ever going to be a blackhole near your solar system?

There may already be one. The nearest black hole known is a few thousand light years away, but it is easier to find black hole if they are part of a close binary system. A single star converting to a black hole, or a part of a binary system where the components are not very near, would be difficult ( Full Answer )

What is the solar system and what are the members of the solar system?

The solar system came about from the first formation of the sun (the centre), what was left became 'planets' and asteroids. All move around the sun at different rates. Putting it simply the solar system only exist because of the sun. The members starting with Mercury (nearest to the sun), then Ven ( Full Answer )

Is the solar system going to kill us?

Astronomers predict that in roughly five billion years the Sun willswell into a red giant and likely kill all life on Earth. If wemanage not to effect our own extinction before that time, likely wewill have figured out a means to avoid this event.

What is solar system about?

The solar system is about where things such as since, you could say live. There are comets there are planets and all sort of things....... for example a comet could be called a dirty snowball. No there are not such things as aliens but scientist believe than a long time ago micro animals once lived ( Full Answer )

Why are you in the solar system?

you are just a person or a human you are very small to the solar system but each and every person is important

What date and country did voyager probe go out of the solar system?

Country??? Anything in outer space doesn't correspond to a particular country. The Voyager probes were, of course, launched by the United States, which is the only context in which "country" could possibly have any meaning in this case. Also, "out of the solar system" is nebulous enough that it's ( Full Answer )

Why is it dangerous to view a solar eclipse?

The radiation is dangerous. The ultraviolet can damage all parts of the eye, and the shear intensity can burn the retina. On the other hand - during a total eclipse its perfectly safe to look all you want ... the trouble comes as the eclipse ends and you don't look away fast enough. It looks a ( Full Answer )

Are solar panels in danger of running out?

No. They can be recycled. If they are broken, each piece will still work as a solar cell in many cases. It is even possible to home-make them out of copper foil, although they won't make as much power as factory-made ones. Silicon comes from sand, even beach sand, and most solar panels made today ar ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous place in the solar system?

You mean for humans? Anywhere but the Earth is dangerous to us: all planets and moons besides Earth lack breathable air, a comfortable temperature, or an adequate atmospheric pressure to sustain human life. Most other planets also lack a magnetic field or ozone layer to prevent burns from the sun's ( Full Answer )

Is there gravity in the solar system solar system?

Yes. Gravity is caused by mass; the more mass, the more gravity. (We're entirely ignorant about the how and the why, but at least we know some of the "what" about gravity.) Since the Sun has most of the mass, it also has most of the gravity, and the Sun's gravity keeps everything else from spinnin ( Full Answer )

What planets are going to come next in your solar system?

Since Pluto was down graded to a Dwarf planet in 2006, our solar system only has 8 major planets orbiting the Sun. However there are a few more Dwarf planets outside the orbit of Pluto that are being considered for Dwarf Planet status.

When is the solar system going to end?

This depends on what you use as your definition of end. Certainly a dramatic series of events will occur some five billion years from now. At that point the Sun will run out of hydrogen in its core (which it uses as its fuel) and will switch to other types of fuel (e.g. helium, carbon). What exactly ( Full Answer )

What makes a solar system a solar system?

A star is all that's required. A solar system is made of at least one star, and the star has to be big enough to have gravity strong enough to bring other objects such as gas and rock and ice into it's orbit.

How did the solar solar system start?

The best guess that scientists have for the origins of the solar system is the Solar Nebula Hypothesis. A star or a number of stars exploded leaving a dispersed cloud of various elements and particles in space. Objects with mass are attracted to other objects with mass so the atoms in the cloud beg ( Full Answer )

What if there is no solar system?

If there is no solar system, none of the planets will have daylightand we will never recieve the hot weather in the Summer.