What are the dark colored regions of the moon?

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The dark colored areas of the moon's surface are referred to as "maria", the Italian and Latin word for "seas". Long before the arid nature of the moon's surface was known, the early observers of the moon interpreted these areas as oceans on the moon, and referred to them accordingly.

And as for the light areas, they have always been (correctly) interpreted as mountain ranges, and named accordingly.
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What color is the moon?

The moon is gray, but it can appear different from earth. The surface is covered in rocks and dust. Atmospheric conditions, reflections, or positioning can give the moon the appearance of being red, blue, yellow, or other hues. This is only an appearance though. The color of the moon itself remains ( Full Answer )

Colors on the moon?

The different colors or the moon are yellow, red, and white. These colors are due to the different lights and points of view from which we look at the moon. When it's directly overhead it looks white, while when it's rising or setting it looks yellow, or red. The differences in colors are due to lig ( Full Answer )

What is dark colors?

Answer red Answer All colors have the potential to be dark, as there are ways to remove brightness (by layering black on top, in some cases). Dark colors are colors that are closer to black than to white.

Is the moon dark?

The moon, like the Earth, is illuminated on one side by the sun, while the other side is dark.

What is the moons color?

idk it looks gray in pictures i am in science right now learning stuff about moons well ta ta The moon is a canvas yellow and has a tint of grey.

Is it dark on the moon?

Just like here on earth, the moon is light when the sun is shining on the surface and dark when it is not. The moon has a day and night just like on earth, except that days on the moon are much longer than here on earth.

What are the colors of the moon?

The colors of the moon are redish-orange, snowey white, and red when there is an eclipse. And sometimes yellowish at night. Your probably wondering why is it those colors? Well the color differience is probably due to the skylight. All the sunlight is scattered which is why you seen the moon in the ( Full Answer )

What are the dark flat regions on the moon called?

The dark and relatively featureless lunar plains which can clearly be seen are called maria (Latin for "seas"). They were believed by ancient astronomers to be filled with water. They are now known to be vast solidified pools of ancient basaltic lava.

What color is darkness?

darkness is no specific colour, it is just a colour what you think makes you feel quite miserable

Is there color in the dark?

Colors do not exist without light.. Your eyes have rod cells and cone cells and only the cone cells can perceive color. However, in low light areas only rod cells are sensitive enough to be activated and they cannot perceive colour. This is a physiological interpretation to the question as color, a ( Full Answer )

How dark is the dark side of the moon?

Half the moon is 'dark' at any one time. Every point on the moon isilluminated for roughly 50% of the time, as the first answer said.So there IS a dark side of the moon :). And it is very dark, sothat stars can be seen more clearly than anywhere on earth.

Dark-colored storms and eight moons?

Dark-colored storms and eight moons is quite possible referring tothe planet of Neptune. Neptune is deemed to now be the planet thatis farthest away from the sun because Pluto was downgraded to adwarf planet.

What is the flat dark region on the moon?

The moon is covered in "seas," also known as "maria," each having a specific name. Here is a list of the major ones on the side of the moon we see: . Mare Nubium-Sea of Clouds . Mare Humorum-Sea of Moisture . Mare Imbrium-Sea of Rains . Mare Frigoris-Sea of Cold . Mare Serenitatis-Sea ( Full Answer )

Why is half of the moon always dark?

Half of the moon is always dark because there is no sunlight shining on that side. That is called the Dark Side of the Moon.

When does the moon shine in the dark?

The moon shines when the sun's rays are reflected off the surface and down to the Earth where it is percieved by anything with working eyes. If there is an eclipse of any kind the moon will not shine.

Is the moon always dark?

The Moon Is dark because the sun light reflects on it so when the sun"s light does not hit the moon it is going to be a dark moon

What dark - colored rock covers large areas of the moon?

Actually, there isn't a large clump of dark colored rocks on the moon. The dark parts of the side of the moon that we see, are actually craters that are hundreds of thousands of years old, caused by meteorites crashing into the moon.

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What makes part of the moon dark?

You see, that part is the side of the moon that isn't facing the sun. Since it isn't facing the sun, no light touches it. Thus, it looks dark, considering the moonlight is really a reflection of sunlight that bounces of the moon.

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Do the moon have dark side?

Actually no. Because we cannot see the back side of the moon. But it is not always in dark. Sun can shine on it too

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What are the killstreaks in transformers dark of the moon?

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How to study the dark region of universe?

The only way we can study distant parts of the universe is through photons emitted from those regions. By definition, if it is "dark" then we cannot study it. W can only study its interactions with light that we can see.

Is the dark side of the Moon cold?

Well, the dark side of the Moon is where it is nighttime, not the"far" side. Like on Earth, nighttime on the Moon is always movinground and around the globe. . When it is night time on the moon and we can see it, it'scalled a New Moon. . When it is daytime on the moon and we can see it, it's c ( Full Answer )

When half of the moon is dark what is it called?

A quarter moon. What we call "full" moon is really only half of the moon shining, so if you take away half of a half, you get a quarter. When people say, "It's a quarter moon," there should only be half of a "full" moon showing.

Is a new moon and dark of the moon the same?

Yes. A formal definition of "Dark of the moon" is: 1. The period of about a week at the time of a new moon when the moon's light is absent from the sky. 2. A period when the moon is not shining or when it is obscured

What are the large dark regions on the moon?

The dark stuff on the moon is just darkness. It's just because the sun is not lighting that part up.Or is that what you're talking about? Edit : I think the question refers to the "maria" or "seas". These are nothing to do with water as was once thought. They are the remains of ancient volcanic acti ( Full Answer )

What transformers are in dark of the moon?

Sideswipe, Ironhide, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, The Wreckers(Red Wrecker - Leadfoot, Blue Wrecker - Topspin, Green Wrecker - Roadbuster), Sentinal Prime, Megatron, Barracade, Shockwave(its pet the driller beast), Dino(pronounced Deno and aka Mirage), and many more.

What color is the moon-?

The color of the moon during the day is faint and white surroundedby the blue of the sky while at night it is bright yellow.