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consolidation is when you bunch things together like your debts for instance whereas compaction is when you tamp down sand or dirt as an example hope this answers your question

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What is the main difference between compaction and consolidation?

difference between campaction and consolition

Difference between consolidation and compaction of soil?

soil consists of voids voids there will be air and water.......removal of air from voids is compaction..and removal of water is consolidation

What is difference between compaction and consolidation of soil?

The Compaction is normally achieved through the input of energy into the soil by impact, kneading, vibration or static means. It should not be confused with consolidation, in which water is "squeezed out" under the action of a continuous static load.

What is the difference between a consolidation and a merger?

there is no difference.

What is the difference between cementation and compaction?

Compaction does not necessarily cause materials to stick together. Cementation is more like having a binding material between the layers. Even compaction CAN result in binding together of materials such as sandstone.

What is the difference between shale and mudstone?

they are different in grain size and cementing or compaction

What is the difference between compression force and compaction force?

So u don't knowi

Difference between compaction and cementation?

Compaction of sedimentary rocks is when pressure brings sediments together. Cementation of sedimentary rocks is when pressure binds the sediment grains together.

What is the difference between a democratic transition and democratic consolidation?

do whatever you want mate i don't give a...................

What difference between proportionate method of consolidation and equity method of consolidation?

If there is a joint venture between two companies. Each of the companies, under the equity method, only records half of the income from the joint venture on the income statement-nothing on balance sheet. With the proportionate consolidation method, the parent companies record half of the liabilities and assets from the joint venture.

What is amalgamation and consolidation and explain difference?

It is one and the same thing!!

Sandstone is formed from tiny particles of sand cemented together Sandstone is?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. it is formed by the consolidation and compaction of sand and held together by a natural cement, such as silica.

Which process changes the space between the grains in a metamorphic rock?


When grains move close together eliminating spaces between them?


What process changes the space between the grains in a metamorphic rock?


What is the difference between debt negotiation and consolidation?

Debt Consolidation takes your debt and combines into one single loan, usually tied up in your house equity. Debt Negotiation on the other hand attempts to reduce the amount of debt you have by cutting the total amount you owe.

What is the difference between shale and hotel?

Shale is a layered clastic sedimentary rock formed by the burial and compaction of mud. A hotel is a place of short-term lodging often used by travelers.

How do you abbreviate the word 'consolidation'?


During which process do minerals precipitate in space between sediment grains?


What is meant by memory compaction?

What is meant by the term 'compaction'

What goes first compaction or subduction in the rock cycle?

it is compaction

How do you use compaction in a sentence?

Compaction is, essentially, the act of compressing. An example sentence would be: The compaction of the cars was interesting to watch.

Disadvantages of compaction in Operating system?

Compaction is possible only if relocation is dynamic, and is done at execution timeCompaction is considered expensive

Why is compaction factor test better than slump test for concrete?

compaction factor test is better than slump test,because compaction factor test should have own compaction wight,so correct value will be find out from compaction factor test.........

What is an example sentence for the word compaction?

Compaction refers to increase in density.