What are the difference between poem and song?


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one difference between a poem and a song, is that a song repeats the same song a lot, but a poem doesn't repeat one line as many times as a song would.

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the poem is told from a towns mans point of view. where the song is told from an employees point of view

what is the difference between a limerick and a cinquain poem

A ballad is a type of narrative poem that is meant to be sung and tells a story through the song. A love song is a song that has intimacy and has a faster tempo then a ballad.

A book can contain poem, but poem can't contain other genre

The main difference between poem and novel is that novels are long fictional stories and poetry is shorter and can be fiction or non-fiction.

yes a song is said to have a beat to it so that it has a sound such as do re mi. mi has a high pitch as a sound has. a poem just would express your feelings.

Stanza is like a paragraph but in a poem. Canto is a long poem.

There isn't a difference between a nursery rhyme and a poem, as far as writing structures. A nursery rhyme usually is directed towards children.

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because song is poem is poem and that's that's so should i be this confused?

Ballad- its a narrative poem that is intended to be sung; thus a story told in a song. Love song- A song w/ intimacy & love. Its a subset of songs or a romantic ballad. Hence, it can deal w/ the darker side such as infidelity & breakups...

A poem and a song are simillar because both can ryhme. Technacally, a poem is a song if u add music to it. If you take out the music of a song, it's a poem.

An ode is a long poem. A limerick is always 5 lines with a particular rhyming scheme (AABBA).

A ballad tells a story but a lyric does not

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Main difference is that renaissance poems look back at the Greek and Roman period while romantic poems focus on feelings

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an ode is like a dedication or in honor or an i-wrote- this- poem- for-you kind of poem. a lyric poem is like music lyrics and has rhythm and emotion all throughout it.

Well, if you wrote a poem then you could use it as a song or if you wrote a song you could use it as a poem but if you sung a song that you orignally wrote as a poem and never mentioned it was a poem then people could mistake it for just a song. If you read a poem which was orignally a song I suppose depending on the words it could work.

is the song You Raise Me Up is a poem

Reflective is more based on experience Narrative contains Orientation, Series of events,ETC

Poetry is... The study of poems. All the poemsPoem is.... Just one part of poetry.Hope i helped

They are types of poetry. A sonnet is a 14-line poem, usually in iambic pentameter, with one of a number of fixed rhyme schemes, and which usually divides into two sections of either 8 and 6 lines or 12 and 2 lines. An ode is a poem of praise. An elegy is a poem of sad remembrance. A song is a lyric intended to be set to music and sung.

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