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The two programs are very similar. For the record, I use Open Office 40 hours a week at work, and find it stable, feature rich, and easy to use. For a good article assessing the differences in detail, go to I know that's a long link, but it goes to a fairly comprehensive article on the topic at Newsforge. Bookmark Newsforge while you're there. Great place to catch up on things.

Open Office is open source. If you purchase word etc, you will get support for it in the package (like anyone ever uses that). Open Office is free! You pay for any support you want outside of forums. Realistically, they operate in a very similar way.

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Q: What are the differences between Microsoft Word and OpenOffice?
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What program or application do you use for word processing?

Microsoft Word, OpenOffice are a few to use. They are the best. Microsoft will cost you, but OpenOffice is free.

What is differences between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Word is better to me.

Is OpenOffice compatible with Microsoft Office Word?

Documents saved in DOCX or DOC format in OpenOffice should work perfectly in Microsoft Office Word. OpenOffice supports opening DOCX and DOC format documents created in Microsoft Office Word, but there may be some loss of formatting.

Can Microsoft Word XP read openoffice docs?

Yes it can.

If you don't have Microsoft Word can you still use OpenOffice?


Examples of word processing packages?

Microsoft Word 2007, Openoffice Writer

What are the differences between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Windows?

Word is a word processor, while Windows is an operating system.

What are the differences between Microsoft Word and wordperfect?

How Microsoftword differ from Word perfect?

Table that shows the difference between Microsoft Word 2007 with open office?

Microsoft Word 2007 is a single program - a word-processor. OpenOffice is a suite of programsincorporating a word-processor, spreadsheet and database programs (and others).

What is the differences between Microsoft Excel and MS Word?

Microsoft Excel is used for formulas, numbers, budgets etc. whereas Microsoft Word is used for word processing.

What are the differences between Microsoft Word and MS-DOS?

MS-DOS is an operating system. Microsoft Word is a word processing program.

What is a wordprocesser and its function?

A word processor is a computer program that helps you write text. Specific examples include Microsoft Word, and the word processor (called "Writer") that comes with OpenOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

How do you retrieve word documents from word when using a Apple Mac?

Microsoft have said that the operating system is the biggest difference between Word for Mac and Word for Windows. I use OpenOffice which is able to read, write and save Word Docs on this iMac. OpenOffice is also low cost especially compared to Office

What are the differences between Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2008?

Office 2003 works under windows, the 2008 under mac.

Can you edit openoffice documents in a Microsoft word program?

Yes - OpenOffice documents are saved in 'open document format' - which means they should be readable by most programs.

Are there any other word processors with familiar features that Microsoft word?

OpenOffice Writter has a lot of the same features that MicroSoft Word has and the program is also free of charge for a download.

What are differences between Microsoft poerpoint and Microsoft word?

Powerpoint is software that allows you to create a slide of pictures, texts etc. Word is writing on a page.

Is word processing software free?

Which ones? Microsoft Word, for example, is paid. But other programs like openoffice, are free.

What are the differences between Microsoft Office Word and Works?

Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Works are both Word Processors. The main difference between the two programs is that one is free, and one is not. They have different features available within them, but Microsoft Works is the more basic program of the two.

Can you open Microsoft Word documents in Linux?

Yes, using a free word processors like OpenOffice Writer, AbiWord, or KWord.

What are examples of word processing software programs?

Wordperfect, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, WordPad and Corel WordPerfect are all examples of word processing word, powerpoint, word perfect

What are five examples of word processors?

Microsoft Word OpenOffice Writer WordPerfect AbiWord Pages (part of iWork suite)

What is word progessor?

Things like Microsoft Word, Openoffice Word processor. They're basically anything you can change font, type in, or edit a word document.

What is the function of Openoffice writer?

OpenOffice writer - is a word-processor which works similar to Microsoft Word. It is capable of many functions including using different page sizes, text sizes, styles and colours, graphics etc...

What are the differences between window for writer and window for microsoft word?

If you are asking what the differences are between Libre Office Writer and Microsoft Word, then the difference primarily is in the way the user interfaces looks. However, they do basically the same things and Libre Office Writer is compatible with Microsoft Word & vice versa. The added bonus to using Libre Office Writer is that it is free.