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Oracle is an RDBMS aka Relational Database Management System and SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language.

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What are the differences between SQL statement to iSQL plus statement?

Structured Query Lanaguage(SQL) is a command language to communicate with oracle server.whereas SQL*PLUS is an oracle tool that recognises and submits sql statements to the oracle server for execution.

What are the differences between Oracle 10g and ms sql database?

Oracle is an RDBMS aka Relational Database Management System and SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language.

What are the differences between sql and mysql?

SQL (structured query Language) is standard language that is used in Mysql, Oracle, and Sql server. only difference between SQL server, Oracle, and Mysql. Sql server is micosoft product & a data Base Management System(DBMS) Oracle is also a DBMS by Oracle. mysql is open source and free by SUN also DBMS. All above used SQL in their Queries............ enjoy.........

Difference between sql and sql plus?

SQL*PLUS is a interface between user and Oracle database. It Provide an environment to use the SQL which is a query language to communicate with oracle database

What is deffirence between sql server 2005 and oracle?

oracle runs on any platform whereas sql server runs only on windows.

What is the difference between SQL and SQLPlus?

SQL is the language itself where as SQL*Plus is a program distributed by Oracle used to run SQL Script on databases.

What is the difference between oracle and SQL?

Oracle is a software company. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language for manipulating or retrieving information from a Relational Database system.

What are the major differences between oracle 10g and oracle 11g?


Which Oracle software uses SQL server tools?

SQL Server Tools are tools for the Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). Oracle is another company that develops database systems and offer Oracle tools to manage Oracle databases.

Difference between oracle 10g and sql in points?

god only knows

What is the purpose of an oracle developer?

An oracle developer like "Oracle SQL" is used for modelling in computing. It's a data modeller for working in SQL. It provides reporting, tuning and unit testing.

Can any one tell best site for Oracle Apps Technical training?

Oracle Apps Techno Functional Faculty: Oracle Apps Technical, Oracle Apps Functional, Oracle Financial for Indian Localization, SQL, PL/SQL and D2K.

What are the differences between Oracle Database and Foxpro?

FoxPro 2 is text base procedurally-oriented programming language and DBMS. It does not support relationships between tables, it is not considered RDBMS. It has not transactional processing. But Visual FoxPro is an extension of FoxPro2 with supporting SQL query and data manipulation. While oracle is RDBMS.

What is Oracle SQL Developer software used for?

Oracle SQL Developer software is a free development environment software package. It enables users to develop software applications using Java for Oracle databases.

What has the author Bijoy Bordoloi written?

Bijoy Bordoloi has written: 'Oracle SQL' -- subject(s): Oracle (Computer file), SQL (Computer program language)

What is the difference between sqlplus and sqlserver?

what is the difference between sqlplus and sqlsever SQL*PLUS is oracle command line utility that allows access to Oracle databases sqlserver is a Microsoft RDBMS (database management system), vaguely based on a Sybase RDBMS if you are looking for SQL*PLUS like interface to SQL Server, the one one is SQLS*PLUS from

How to define a user defined function in SQL?

Not possible in SQL, but possible in many vendor-specific SQL-based languages like Oracle PL/SQL.

What are the differences between Microsoft Excel and Oracle Database?

MS excel is a spreadsheet. Oracle is a database system.

What is difference between oracle and sql?

The Oracle RDBMS system primarily provides programming access via 2 languages:SQL - the standard language for searching and updating a relational database. Oracle provides various extensions/customizations to the standard ANSI SQL language. I wouldn't call SQL a programming language exactly, since it's only good for defining database objects (e.g. tables), then querying and updating them.PL/SQL - Oracle's Procedural Language for SQL (hence the name PL/SQL). This is a fairly complete procedural programming language (including limited object-oriented features), primarily used to manipulate the data you've accessed via SQL.Additionally, Oracle support SQL access via Java (notJavascript).

What are some good advises in order to do some Oracle SQL tuning?

To get information on Oracle SQL tuning, one should speak to an Oracle representative. Alternatively, one should speak to a computer or technology specialist.

Example of some RDBMS?

oracle, sql server

Which language is used to develop the oracle?


Is PL or SQL is one of the version of oracle?

PL usually stands for a file extension for PERL. SQL is a database structure and querying LANGUAGE. Oracle is a software manufacturer that creates TOOLS for its own SQL database engines.

What has the author Mark Gurry written?

Mark Gurry has written: 'Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference' 'Oracle performance tuning' -- subject(s): Database management, Oracle (Computer file), Relational databases, SQL (Computer program language), Oracle

What has the author Jonathan Sayles written?

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