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oracle runs on any platform whereas sql server runs only on windows.

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Similarities between oracle and sql server in DBMS?

There are very less similarities ;) . on the top of my mind i can tell you that , Oracle (10g) and SQL Server (2005) has almost similay at the network level. by which i am refering to the the way a client communicates with the DBMS (db server).In oracle communication is established using Oracle Net Services which uses TNS protocol - [ Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) data stream protocol ] to communicate with the server. In SQL server it uses TDS protocol [ Tabular Data stream ] to communicate.

Difference between sql server 2003 sql server 2005?

There is no such thing as SQL Server 2003. Microft released SQL Server 2005 as the next version of SQL Server 2000.

What is the programming language does enovia use?

It's JAVA based on the front end with Html and Javascript for the web interface. The backend can be either Oracle or SQL Server 2005/2008 -- with SQL Server 2008 being be better performance over Oracle on the same hardware and lower cost.

When was Oracle Tower Bucharest created?

Oracle Tower Bucharest was created in 2005.

How to install oracle 9i in windows xp?

how I can to installation oracle 9i on windows xp 2005

Describe IDE of SQL Server 2005?

An IDE for SQL Server 2005 refers to an Integrated Development Environment for SQL Server 2005. This is a tool that can be used by a programmer to create and maintan a SQL server database. Some commonly used IDE tools for SQL Server 2005 are:SQL Server Management StudioTOAD for SQL ServerTOAD for Data Analysts

What are the differences between SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005?

SQL Server 2005 has come up with new BI reporting tools, which is also called as 'Yukon'. This was the only significant reason to bring in the new version of SQL Server 2005 apart from the basic elements of SQL Server 2000. There are actually MANY advancements in performance, functionality, and reliability in SQL 2005. As one example XML is now a data type in SQL 2005 and as a native data type is handled efficiently by the internal SQL engine. There are additional improvements in SQL 2005 such as data isolation levels, snapshot data, better reporting, better scale, much improved server clustering. The list really goes on. Hope this helps jwilliamsoh

When was SQL Server Management Studio created?

SQL Server Management Studio was created in 2005.

How you delete duplicate row of table in SQL?

This can be different depending on the SQL server involved. Please specify the Database being used (ie, mysql, postgresql, oracle, ms SQL Server) I am using SQL 2005 express, what is the command, i can only get... delete... and what else? lets say i want to delete a duplicate row that is row 2.

Where can one get SQL Server 2005 downloads?

The best way in order to get an SQL Server 2005 installation package would be to go to the related Microsoft SQL Server 2005 download page. The "Express" edition is free of cost and can be redistributed with own applications - all other versions of Microsoft SQL server can only be legally purchased.

Diff between sql server 2000 and sql server 2005?

Hi Everybody, I am Vijay.According 2 me the differences are: 1. In SQL Server 2000 the Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager are seperate,whereas in SQL Server 2005 both were combined as Management Studio. 2. In Sql 2005,the new datatype XML is used,whereas in Sql 2000 there is no such datatype 3. In Sql server2000 we can create 65,535 databases,whereas in Sql server2005 2(pow(20))-1 databases can be created.

What kind of databases and database servers does MySpace use?

MySpace is use Microsoft SQL server 2005 for database & database server.

What has the author Louis Davidson written?

Louis. Davidson has written: 'Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization' 'Pro SQL server 2008 relational database design and implementation' -- subject(s): Client/server computing, SQL server 'Pro SQL Server 2005' 'SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures Handbook (Expert's Voice)'

What is the advantage and disadvantage of sql server 2000 and sql server 2005?

The list of changes is too long to type so here is a website that has everything you ned to know:

Which tool is available in sql server 2005 that lets you stop or disable unused components?

sql server management

What are the differences between MySQL and SQL?

SQL is short for Structured Query Language, and MySQL is a database management system, like SQL Server 2005, Oracle.An example would be other programming languages like BASIC and QBASIC where BASIC is the generic term for the BASIC programming language and QBASIC is Microsoft's version (quick BASIC) and TURBO BASIC was Borlands supports the user defined datatypes,where as mysql not support all these types of datatypes, like user defined , and cursors like these stuff;;

What was the purpose of the SQL Server 2005 application?

The SQL Server 2005 is a database management system developed by Microsoft. They are primarily used as server back ends designed for keeping databases up to date with a selection of ease of use tools for maintaining it.

From sql server 2000 and sql 2005 which one is best?

It's a long list check this website:

Where might one download the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition?

One may download the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on the official Microsoft site. Other independent providers of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition include Melissa Data and Windows Sazure.

IDE which is used in Sql server 2005?

There are many IDE's available that can be used with a SQL Server database. Some of them are:SQL Server Management StudioTOAD for SQL ServerTOAD for Data Analystsetc.

What has the author James Wightman written?

James Wightman has written: 'Pro SQL server 2005 integration services' -- subject(s): Client/server computing, SQL server

Server name to logon to Microsoft SQL server 2005?

Hey. I would like to recommend a good host that suits everything: yazing. com/ deals/ bluehost /Alekcandr918.

Where can one download MS SQL Server 2005?

There are a few places where one can download MS SQL Server 2005. One can try the Microsoft website. Alternatively one can try software repositories such as Softpedia.

How do you find the users are connected to sql server 2005?

Use the query "sp_who" or "sp_who2" to get the users of the server where sp_who2 fetches the records with time.

Differences between set and select in sql server 2005?

SELECT word is use to retrieve the records from the database. SET word is use whenever you want to update the the table.