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Q: What are the differences between a British soldier and a militia settler?
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What are the similarities and differences between metis and Ontario settlers?

The Metis were/are interbred native and settler stock.

Where did the British settler's come from?

the british settlers came from britain

Who was the first settler to settle in Boston?


Differences in the interpretations of the words migrant and settler illustrate the power of?

language and labeling

What is another word for immigrant?

* settler * migrant * colonist* settler * migrant * colonist* settler * migrant * colonist* settler * migrant * colonist* settler * migrant * colonist* settler * migrant * colonist

What is the difference between a nomad and a settler?

Nomad goes to place to place.

What is a settler from Mexico called?

a settler

Who did john smith explored for?

Great Britain. Well, actually, he was a settler, not an explorer, but, either way, he was British.

Why did British want New York?

because so that English settler in new England could move westward.

Where did the white settler move to?

Which The White Settler are you meaning?

Is settler a proper noun?

No, settler is common noun.

What is an Anglo settler?

An Anglo settler is an English colonist.

How was life easy for settler?

It WASN'T easy for a a settler

Was Robert Espy a settler?

yes, Robert Espy was a settler.

How did The revolutionary war affect the relationship between settler and Indians?

1.) It increased the fighting between settlers and Indians. novanet.

Did a free settler drive a ship?

did a free settler drive a ship

What is a sentence with the word settler?

The life of a New England settler was difficult and filled with hardships. The Homestead Act encouraged him to become a settler on the plains.

Is the settler the same as a trustee?

No. The settler comes up with the money, the trustee looks after it.

When did the first settler come to NZ?

When did the first settler settle in New Zealand?

When was Thomas Leavitt - settler - born?

Thomas Leavitt - settler - was born in 1616.

When did Thomas Leavitt - settler - die?

Thomas Leavitt - settler - died in 1696.

When was John Albro - settler - born?

John Albro - settler - was born in 1617.

When was Hugh Bell - settler - born?

Hugh Bell - settler - was born in 1797.

When was William Freeborn - settler - born?

William Freeborn - settler - was born in 1594.

When did John Throckmorton - settler - die?

John Throckmorton - settler - died in 1684.