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One's a typhoon and one's a normal storm

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Q: What are the differences between a typhoon and a storm?
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Related questions

What is the difference between storm and typhoon?

because when the storm is when the typhoon

What is the difference between cyclones typhoon and hurricane?

The only difference between a hurricane, a cyclone, and a typhoon is the location where the storm occurs.

Is a typhoon a storm?

Yes. A typhoon is a storm, it is a tropical storm.

Is a typhoon a rotating storm?

Yes a typhoon is a type of storm that rotates.

What is the origin root word of typhoon?

Typhoon originates in the Greek for their monster Typhoon the storm giant.

What are the differences typhoon signal and describe each?

What are the differences typhoon signal and describe \

What type of typhoon that has maximum winds between 35-64 kph?

A storm with winds of 35-64 km/h would not be a typhoon. The minimum wind speed for a storm to be considered a typhoon is 119 km/h. A tropical system with winds of 35-64 km/h would be a tropical depression.

What are different types of typhoon?

the different typhoons are tropical depression,tropical storm,typhoon,and super typhoon

What is the difference between a storm and a typhoon?

A storm is virtually any weather event which produces strong wind, heavy rain and/or some dangerous weather condition. A typhoon is a kind of storm generically called a tropical cyclone and is essentially the same thing as a hurricane. A typhoon is a large-scale tropical storm system that occurs in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator between 180 and 140 degrees east, characterized by low pressure, counterclockwise rotation, organized convection, and sustained winds of at least 74 mph.

What is another word for typhoon?

A typhoon is a weather event and the word typhoon is a noun. Some synonyms for typhoon are hurricane, tropical cyclone, and storm.

What do you call the center of a typhoon?

The center of a typhoon is the eye of the typhoon. Also known as The Eye of The Storm.

What is the main difference between a typhoon and flood?

A typhoon - is a rotating storm similar to a hurricane. A flood - us simply excess water that cannot be carried away by a river system - and can be caused by various events.

What is typhoon about?

A typhoon is a tropical storm that takes place mainly in the Pacific Ocean.

The typhoon and the disadvantage of the typhoon?

A typhoon is a storm system that forms over the waters of the oceans. The disadvantages of the typhoon is the property damage, land damage, and deaths that occur with these massive storms.

What is the difference between a watch and a warning for a storm such as a tsunami hurricane hail typhoon tornado?

The difference between a watch and a warning for a storm like a hurricane, hail, typhoon, or tornado is simple to remember. A watch means that weather conditions are right for a dangerous weather event. A warning means that the event has been sighted and is threatening an area.

What are other names for a hurricane?

cyclone. gale. storm. tornado. twister. blow. tempest. typhoon.

Are hurricanes a type of storm?

A hurricane is a storm its also a typhoon its the same :)

Is a typhoon an animal?

No, a typhoon is a large, powerful storm known as a hurricane in other parts of the world.

What is the other name for typhoon?

storm, cyclone, tornado, hurricane, tropical storm

How do you describe a typhoon?

a typhoon is a natural disaster. a tropical storm that forms over the Pacific Ocean, when it gets stronger and the winds are over 74 mph, it is called a Typhoon

Is a hurricane and a typhoon the same kind of storms?

Yes....a Hurricane is what the storm is called in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. When the same storm occurs in the Pacific Ocean it is referred to as a typhoon. As well as when the storm occurs in the Indian Ocean it is referred to as a cyclone.

What is a tropical storm called India?

A Typhoon

What is a tropical storm called in Japan?


Small violent tropical storm?


What is the most dangerous storm in Japan?