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The difference between diet tea and regular tea is more in the name of the product than it what the product offers. When looking at tea, all unadulterated teas have no calories unless sugar is added, meaning that all different types of tea could be labelled as diet.

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Q: What are the differences between diet tea and regular tea?
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What is the difference between diet tea and regular tea?

The difference is diet tea has artificial sugar, which causes cancer to rats, so I feel like it isn't very safe for humans to consume, stick with regular and you'll be better off.

What is the difference between an English tea strainer and a regular tea strainer?

A tea strainer is used to catch tea leaves when pouring. There isn't a difference between an English tea strainer and a regular one, they are the same thing.

Is green tea a separate plant than regular tea?

No; all tea is made from the same plant, and only preparation/oxidation distinguishes between them. White tea is least oxidized; black tea the most; green is in-between.

Does Lipton Green Tea with Citrus have caffeine?

According to the manufacturer, Lipton Green Tea with Citrus contains 11 milligrams of caffeine per cup. This applies to regular and diet.

What is green tea versus regular tea?

Green tea is healthier and gives your body a lot of more benefits compared to regular tea.

How many calories for a diet snapple tea?

There's 0 calories in Diet Snapple tea.

What is the differnce between japanese tea and chinese tea?

In the long run, Japanese tea and Chinese tea actually came from the same place, China. Over a long period of time the Japanese have improved there tea by growing their own. There are a few big differences between the two. The price, the quality, and the taste.

Can pregnant women drink regular tea?

Yes. She can drink regular tea of a reputed brand.

Can I use green tea as a herbal diet pill?

No, green tea is not mentioned on any website to work as a diet pill. Green tea will not suppress your appetite.

Where can I purchase diet tea online?

Diet tea can be purchased at the online retailer Be aware though that the term 'diet' tea is often used loosely. Basic tea in itself contains very few calories on it's own. The diet tea may have none, but that does not consider the other ingredients added, like sugar or milk.

Is Lipton's black tea their regular tea or is it a specialty tea?

Lipton's black tea is their regular tea. Lipton sells a variety of different types of tea, but the bulk of their business is still in their straight black tea. The other varieties are the specialty teas.

Is green tea citrus regular green tea?

It is green tea plus citrus.

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