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Arrays are collections of repeated data items. Structures are complex data items made up of other data items, including, potentially, other structures and arrays. You can, of course, also have arrays of structures.

Array items can be accessed by using its subscript whereas structure items can be accessed using its dot or "arrow" operator in C, C++, C#, Java, and JavaScript.

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2011-08-01 16:16:47
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Q: What are the differences between structures and arrays?
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Structures and arrays are somewhat similar in that they both "contain" multiple items of data in one package. Arrays contain several copies of the same type of data one after another. An array's elements must all be "char", "int", "float", pointers of a single type, structs or any other type. Structures, on the other hand, contain multiple variables, each with a specific data type. Structures can also contain arrays. The actual, literal differences between structures and arrays involve understanding addresses and pointers, which may come in handy later on during your foray into more advanced concepts in C.

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