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What are the differences between synthesis and preparation?


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Synthesis is known as a reaction is involved. E.g. solid state reaction. but preparation is a process involved it. E.g. sol-gel method.


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The equation for the preparation of alkanes by Grignard synthesis is as follows: R-X + Mg ---> RMgX. The reaction proceeds through single electron transfer.

Synthesis is the chemical reaction that is involved in the preparation of the Thiazin from Chalcone.

wurtz synthesis: 2CH3Cl + 2Na = CH3-CH3 + 2NaCl Grignard Synthesis: - Preparation of Grignard reagent: CH3Cl + Mg = CH3MgCl - Hydrolysis of Grignard reagent: CH3MgCl + HCl = CH3-H + MgCl2

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The synthesis of pyridines from malononitrile and aldehydes is the single step preparation of heterocyclic compound.

- sol-gel process - PVS: physical vapor synthesis - NAS: nanoarc synthesis

Beta Oxidation--> Oxidation, Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Cleavage Fatty Acid Synthesis--> Cyle transferase, Dehydration, Reduction, Reduction

The three stages of interphase are Gap 1, Synthesis, and Gap 2. In both the gap stages, the cell grows in preparation; in Gap 1 it grows in preparation of Synthesis and protein synthesis occurs, and in Gap 2 it grows to prepare to divide in prophase. In the Synthesis phase, the DNA in the cell is copied so there are two sets of DNA in preparation of division.

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One similarity between synthesis and decomposition is they are both a type of metabolism.

transcription is DNA directed mRNA synthesis whereas the mRNA directed protein synthesis is called translation trancription occurs in nucleoplasm translation occurs in cytoplasm for more information dr. khizar matloob +923336333015

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Interphase has three phases pre-synthesis, synthesis, and post-synthesis phases. Interkinesis does not have the synthesis phase because it doesn't need to copy DNA.

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