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ECW was basically a constent hardcore match and WCW was closer to what RAW looks like.

That's why it's called EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP Wrestling

and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING the name gives it away!

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Q: What are the differences between the ECW and WCW?
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Who did wwf fight in 2001?

The Alliance, which comprised of WCW and ECW. This was a storyline in which the WWE screwed up. It took place after WWE had bought WCW and ECW.

Why didn't Vince McMahon keep WCW and ECW running?

Because WWE Fans did now watch WCW,and ECW a Lot and it also was not that popular

Is wcw stadium ecw's current stadium?

Uh no

Which is best wwe tna roh wcw or ecw?


Is vince ever going to sell ecw?

No he will not sell it! He owns all rights to ECW, WCCW, WCW, and AWA

Who owns ECW?

Vince McMahon is the owner of ECW, he also owns everything to do with WCW and ECW including the names, logos, everything....he also owns most of the wrestling video library which contains years and years worth of footage from awa, nwa, mid south, wwf, wcw, ecw, and nmore

Will vince sell wcw?

never if he sells it wcw might be better than wwe again. so he wants wwe to be the best that's why he bought out wcw and ecw in the first place

What is Triple H 's achievements?

wwe champ wcw champ and ecw champ

What is the best brand wwe wcw wwf nwa tna ecw?

Answer i say ECW is the best

Why hasn't tna gone out of business just like the wcw and ecw did?

TNA is a financially secure company at the moment. At the time ECW and WCW could not afford to go head to head against the WWE, in terms of Television Deals. TNA has no reason to sell its company to the WWE.

Who were the main people in the invasion wwf vs wcw ecw?

when the WWE bought WCW they had a cross brand rivalry story line named the Alliance with WCW and ECW wrestlers the main characters in the invasion were Diamond Dallas Page ,Kanyon, The Dudley Boys, NWO black and white members with 123 Kid Xpac and others like Bill Goldberg and such

The wrestling business?


What is WWE theme song?

WWE doesnt hav a theme song but the wrestlers do and RAW/ SMACKDOWN/ECW/WCW does...................................................

What are all the WWE shows?

Raw,smackdown, ecw,vintage collection,nxt redemption,wcw and nxt season 1,2,3,4 and 5

Has WWE released any DVDs about WCW history other than the Monday Night Wars and the NWO?


Was WCW considered a better wrestling organization than WWF and ECW?

In my opinion WCW was best than ECW and WWF well prbly not since its out of business and all the wrestlers who used to work there said it sucked Answer: During the Monday Night War, the WCW was a better company than WWF for about 1 1/2 years to 2 years according to Nielsen Ratings. After that WWF got much better and simply took over. ECW was nothing more than glorified backyard wrestling with some actual talent to make it look competitive.

Why did wcw and ecw go out of bussisnes?

In the storyline they said that Shane McMahon had bought Wcw and wanted to do war against his dad's company the Wwf/e, his dad (Vince McMahon) was furious. Few weeks on Wcw started to invade some of Wwf/e matches and took Wwf/e titles. Vince and Shane battled for weeks and weeks. Ecw came in the wwf/e ring one day. Both Father (Vince) and son (shane) agreed to team up and take out Ecw. But that didn't happen instead Wcw teamed up with Ecw and beat up the Wwf/e. This is when the Alliance started it was Wwf/e vs Wcw/Ecw Alliance. weeks went on as they battled. Traitors traited, titles were won and lost. In the end in survivor series they said winner takes all and Wwf/e won as Shane cheated on his own company.

Will Vince McMahon make WCW one night stand pay-per-view soon?

Highly doubt it. What is considered "WCW-ish". ECW ONS was different because it was a total different style than WWE, but WCW is not much different than WWE is terms of style.

What is Extreme Championship Wrestling?

Extreme Championship Wrestling stands for ECW an old wrestling firm like: WWE, WWF, TNA or WCW

When is WWE going out of bussness?

Never. They are an internationally sold, bought, and traded company. Keep in mind this is the same company that bought ECW and WCW.

Which WWE wrestlers started in WCW before they came to the WWE?

none they all started in wwe Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit all started originally from Old ECW then moved on to WCW then made there way to WWE

What are all the WWE championship belts?

current belts: wwe championship world heavyweight championship u.s championship intercontinental championship world tag team championship tag team championship womens championship divas championship resigned belts: wwe hardcore championship wwe light heavyweight championship wwe European championship million dollar championship wcw hardcore championship wcw television championship wcw cruiserweght championship wcw cruiserweght tag team championship ecw championship ecw ftw world heavy weight championship ecw world tag team championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship

What movie and television projects has Jason Broyles been in?

Jason Broyles has: Played Jason Jett in "WCW Monday Nitro" in 1995. Played E.Z. Money (2000) in "Extreme Championship Wrestling" in 1997. Played Jason Jett in "WCW Thunder" in 1998. Played E.Z. Money in "ECW Massacre on 34th St." in 2000. Played EZ Money in "ECW November to Remember 2000" in 2000. Played EZ Money in "ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000" in 2000. Played Jason Jett in "WCW Greed" in 2001. Played E.Z. Money in "ECW Guilty as Charged 2001" in 2001. Played EZ Money in "NWA: Total Nonstop Action" in 2002. Played Himself (2003) in "Major League Wrestling: The Underground" in 2003.

What is the difference between ECW and other WWE shows?

nothing except that ecw used to be its own company

What movie and television projects has Kristina Laum been in?

Kristina Laum has: Played Leia Meow in "WCW Monday Nitro" in 1995. Played Herself (1995-1996) in "ECW Hardcore TV" in 1995. Played Leia Meow in "WCW Thunder" in 1998. Played Leia Meow in "WCW Mayhem" in 2000. Played Kimona Wanalaya in "ECW Blood Sport: The Most Violent Matches" in 2006. Played Leia Meow in "WWE: The Ladder Match" in 2007. Played Leia Meow in "Starrcade: The Essential Collection" in 2009.