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earlier versions are less/not compatible with more recent software programs, and hardware. To the normal non commercial user there is not alot of differences TBH.

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Q: What are the differences between the Windows operating systems?
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What is the Differences between windows and windows NT?

Windows is a trademark and product line. Windows NT is a classification of operating systems within that product line.

What are the differences between Windows XP and Solaris?

They are completely different operating systems, with different windowing systems and command line processing. Also, Windows XP is a client operating system on a personal computer, whereas Solaris (a variant of Unix) is a server operating system.

Diff between windows and Windows?

It you imply it to operating systems, there is no difference.

What are some major differences when comparing Windows vs Mac?

There are several differences between Windows and Mac, the main difference being as the operating systems. Similarly, the control key in Windows corresponds to the command key on a Mac.

What are the differences between LAN and WAN operating systems?


Which Windows operating system goes between XP and Windows 7?

Windows Vista is the operating systems that came between Windows XP and Windows 7. As of 2013, the newest version of windows operating system is Windows 8.

What are the differences between Windows nd and windows Linux?

There is no such thing as "Windows Linux." Linux is not a version of Windows and has nothing at all to do with Windows. They are two totally completely different operating systems made by completely different people.

Comparison between different operating systems?

Windows is the most best operating system

State the difference between the different computer platforms and their respective operating systems?

differences between the different computer platforms and their respective operating systems.

What are some differences of HTML between operating systems?

HTML is an operating system-independent language.

What are the differences between the GUI Linux and Windows operating systems in terms of security and robustness?

The question cannot be answered as stated, since you don't mention which Windows system and which distro of Linux

What is windows application?

Windows applications are graphical interface operating systems that Microsoft Windows has. They are programs that are written to run on Windows operating systems.

What are main differences between operating systems for mainframe and personal computers?


What is the name for joined windows and Linux operating systems?

There are no "joined" Linux and Windows operating systems, so there is no name for them.

What other operating systems exists besides windows?

Windows is an operating system?

What is the differences between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft office are a series of programs like word, excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft windows is a brand of operating systems including windows 95, 98, 2000, xp, vista, and 7

What type of software is Linux and Windows?

Windows is a family of operating systems. Linux is a kernel upon which operating systems are built.

What are the differences between PC operating systems and Network operating software?

The best way is to take the battery off the motherboard

What is the difference between Windows Movie Maker and Windows Movie Maker 2.6?

Windows Movie Maker (v2.1) is only for XP operating systems, while Windows Movie Maker v2.6 is for Vista and newer operating systems such as Windows 7.The difference between the two versions is basically enhanced editing features.

What are most operating systems?


Differences of Virtual Memory between Windows and Linux?

Virtual memory may be implemented in different ways in different operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, but the core concept is the same; you are simulating more memory than you have by temporarily putting it on disk. The idea is the same between the two operating systems, and the way of implementing may be very different.From the user's point of view they are the same.

What are the differences between various operating systems?

difference between layered and kernel base approach in OS structure

What is Windows Vista anyway?

Windows Vista is an operating system. It is the latest in Microsofts' series of windows operating systems.

What is the Differences between an embedded Operating system and a personal PC Operating system?

Embedded operating systems cannot be replaced with other operating systems. embedded system are designed for dedicated applicationembedded system are tailored to specific application.

What are two operating system?

Two operating systems are; Windows, and Linux.