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the gametophyte stage begins with meiosis and the sporophyte stage begins with fertilization.

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The lifecycle of plants alternates between?

a haploid gametophyte stage and a diploid sporophyte stage..

What is the difference between sporophyte and gametophyte?

Sporophytes reproduce with spores, while gametophytes reproduce sexuallyOf the two, it is the gametophyte is larger than the sporophyte.

What is the correct order in which these structure form during the plant reproduction process?

Plants have two phases during reproduction: sporophyte and gametophyte. The sporophyte is doploid and the gametophyte is haploid. Plants cycle between these seasonally.

What is the difference between and gametophyte and a sorophyte plant?

A gametopyte has haploid set of chromosomes whereas a sporophyte has diploid set of chromosomes. A gametophyte produces the gamets ( male & female) and a sporophyte produces spores in the sporangium. Germination of these spores results in the formation of gametophyte plants.

The life cycle of plants alternates between?

For PLATO: A, diploid sporophyte and a haploid gametophyte

What is the differnece between a seed and spore?

A spore is single celled gametophyte whereas a seed is multicellular sporophyte

What are the key differences between Bryophytes and seedless vascular plants?

seedless vascular plants have true vascular tissue which bryophytes lack. also the dominant stage in bryophytes is gametophyte and in seedless vascular plants is sporophyte.

What are the two stages in the life cycle of the plant?

The life cycle of a plant involves the changes between two life-cycles that are referred to as sporophyte and gametophyte generations. In the sporophyte phase, plants reproduce through reduction division. In the gametophyte phase, diploid male and female gametes are formed as a new way to reproduce,

Diploid form in a plant's life cycle?

The diploid form in a plant's life cycle is called the sporophyte. Land plants have a complex life cycle that involves an alternation of generations between a haploid gametophyte and a diploid sporophyte.

What life cycle has an alternation of generations?

ferns alternate between sporophyte and gametophyte. some parasites, such as the parasite that causes malaria (host and intermediate host stages)

What are similairties between angiosperms and gymnosperms?

1. Both can reproduce by seeds 2. Both have dominant sporophytic plant body and gametophyte is dependent on sporophyte. 3. Both have root, stem and leaves

What is alternation of generation?

It is a type of life cycle found in some algae, fungi, and all plants where an organism alternates between a haploid (n) gametophyte generation and a diploid (2n) sporophyte generation. A diploid plant (sporophyte) produces, by meiosis, a spore that gives rise to a multicellular, haploid pollen grain (gametophyte). It once was called hydrogen power. In more simple terms, it is a life cycle in which there is both a multicellular diploid form, and a multicellular haploid form.

Difference between lifespan and lifecycle in all living things?

detail difference between lifespan and lifecycle

What is the difference between the life cycle of ferns and the life cycle of humans?

Ferns go though a sporophyte stage of life where they are a haploid organism, whereas humans remain in the gametophyte generation, being a diploid organism for their entire life.

What is the difference between a gametophyte and sporophyte?

in bryophytes the sporophytes is diploid(2n) while the gametophyte in bryophytes is haploid(n).In bryophytes the sporophytes are totally or partially dependent on gametophytes while gametophytes are the dominant generation in bryophytes.Male sporophytes produce male spores and that of female produce megaspores of female spores while male gametophytes produce male gametes while female gametophytes produce female gametes

What is the difference between the gametophyte and the gametangium?

The gametophyte generation of a plant produces special structures called gametangium which in turn produce haploid gametes.

What is the baboons lifecycle?

get born... a little bit in between then die

what are the relationship between the information system lifecycle and database system development lifecycle.?

Information system involves the entire design and database system is part of this design so database system development lifecycle is shorter.

What event in a ferns lifecycle requires water?

D. The movement of sperm between plants.

What is the difference between megasporangia and microsporangia?

feature mega micro size large small produce megaspore, microspores female gametophyte male gametophyte no.pf spores 4 megaspores numerous microspores

What are within group and between group differences?

Within group differences refers to differences within one individual group. Between group differences refers to the differences between 2 or more groups.

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differences between privatization and commercialization?

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What are the differences between polycarbohydrate and polysaccharide?

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What are the differences between peas and beans?

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