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Q: What are the differences between the geologic processes by which petroleum and natural gas form and the way methane hydrates form?
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Are hydrates and an-hydrates different on a molecular level?

no they are not

How are hydrates used?

hydrates are mainly used in artificial radioactivity and ............

Can Copper Sulfate form multiple hydrates?

Yes , it forms different hydrates .

Why cant all hydrates be heated?

because you can't eat all the hydrates

What is a description of geological energy?

Geological energy is energy that appears normally in nature. Some examples are the energy released during: an earthquake; a lightning strike; tornado; or even ocean waves. Some of the most familiar geologic energy resources include: petroleum (oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids), coal, gas hydrates, geothermal resources, oil shale, oil sands, uranium, and heavy oil and natural bitumen.

Do all hydrates lose water?

Yes, all hydrates lose water after heating.

What potential benefits can methane hydrates have?

is the gas methae (hydrates)ba potetial energy source?

What is an example of a geohazard?

Submarine) LandslidesDebris flowsShallow gas accumulationOverpressured zones (including gas and shallow water flows)Naturally occurring gas hydrates and their climate-controlled meta-stabilityMud flows, diapirism and mud volcanism/mud volcanoesEarthquakes and seismicityTsunamis from tectonics and landslidesRock falls and landslides

What are carbon hydrates?


What has the author E Berecz written?

E. Berecz has written: 'Gas hydrates' -- subject(s): Hydrates, Gases

True or false Methane hydrates form within the ocean and are not expensive to obtain?

True and False. Methane hydrates form mostly under permafrost and ice caps, but some form in the ocean.Methane hydrates are expensive to obtain.

What does water use for?

hydrates us.