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Victor is able to accomplish his goals, and face his consequences, unlike Robert Walton who turns back from his journey to the North pole. Robert gives up.

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How old is Robert Walton in Frankenstein?


How does Victor Frankenstein benefit Captain Robert Walton?

As the main protagonist, Victor Frankenstein does benefit Captain Walton.

Who is writing in Frankenstein?

Robert Walton, an explorer, encounters a bedraggled and sick Victor Frankenstein on the ice. He nurses him back to health, and listens to the story of Frankenstein and his monster. The story the reader holds is the story of Victor Frankenstein as told to Robert Walton. Robert Walton then mailed this story in letters to his sister, Margaret.

What was Robert Walton searching for in Frankenstein?

The source of magnetism

Who rescued Frankenstein from arctic ice?

Robert Walton

Who was writing the letters in Frankenstein?

In Frankenstein, Robert Walton was writing the letters to his sister, Mrs. Margaret Saville.

Who was the last person to see the creature in Frankenstein?

Captain Robert Walton

In Frankenstein who is the captain at the start?

Robert Walton, on a quest for the North Pole.

Who wrote the letters in the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?

Robert Walton

Who are the characters of the Frankenstein?

Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein, Frankensteins parents, Elizabeth, Henry Clerval, and frankensteins monster

who is Robert Walton and what is his destination?

A scientist who discovers Frankenstein while traveling in the Arctic.

Who is writing letter 1 in Frankenstein?

Robert Walton, an arctic explorer, was the man who wrote the letters in Frankenstein including "Letter 1". Walton evetually meets up with Victor Frankestein.

Who is the Frankenstein letter writer?

Robert Walton writes the letters to his sister Margaret Saville. Robert is the ship captin who comes upon Victor Frankenstein while he is chasing the monster.

Was Frankenstein writing the letters?

No, Robert Walton was writing the letters to his sister, Margret. In the fourth letter, he was telling her about Victor, who later tells Robert his story. Victor created the Frankenstein monster.

How did Robert Walton meet victor Frankenstein?

Robert Walton was traveling to the Arctic, and Victor was following his monster, when the ice broke around Victor and he floated, then rowed himself towards Walton's ship.

What did Robert Walton read for the first 14 years of his life in the book Frankenstein?

His uncle Thomas's books

Where is Robert Walton and why is he there?

He's in the north pole when Frankenstein is in search of his monster. He's there because, like Frankenstein, he wants to discover something and become famous out of ambition, but Frankenstein warns him that knowledge can be dangerous.

Who is R Walton from Frankenstein?

R. Walton is an explorer or an adventurer

In the book Frankenstein where is Robert Walton when he wrotes letter 1 Why is he there What are his plans?

North pole. He wants to discover new lands.

In the book Frankenstein does Walton develop great affection for Frankenstein?

Walton does develop great affection for Frankenstein. but one of brotherly love. Frankenstein poses as a gift to Walton from god in the sense that Frankenstein helps Walton realise that his obsession with discovering the magnetic north pole, shouldn't be something to take over his life and cloud his sense of rationality. i believe that Walton develops a feeling of gratitude towards Frankenstein for giving him insight to the place where he possibly could have ended up if he let himself be a slave to his passions.

Who is Robert Walton in Frankenstein?

Robert Walton is a scientist who is conducting research in the Arctic. His letters to his sister open and close the book. He is the one who rescues Victor Frankenstein and records his story.He is mostly likely Homosexual,he states he prefers the company of men.There is also a lot of gay innuendo in Opening letters which adds to idea of Homosexuality.

Why does victory tell Walton his story in Frankenstein?

Frankenstein decides to tell Walton his story because he sees that Walton is headed on the same path of destruction and torment that he had taken. ~Ahsilyn Awesome~

Where does Walton first meet Victor?

Robert and Victor met in Alaska. Robert was on a ship and found Victor stranded on a sheet of ice. Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley.

Where is Walton in Frankenstein?

hes in the start and end

Who is writing the letters in Frankenstein?

Captain Walton

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