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i seriously have no idea

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Why do you need to use different cooking methods?

a man can choose whatever he wanted if there are different cooking method depending on his taste.

Is different style of cooking mean method used?


What are the changes in the food that affected by the cooking method?

Some of them may be less crispier when baked but more crispier when fried. While some of them may lose their tasty juicy effect when microwaved. Hope this helps! ;)

What are the Australian cooking method?

Whatever the Australian cooking method is. :)

What are the 2 cooking methods?

Moist heat cooking method & Dry heat cooking method

The disadvantages of baking as a cooking method?

One disadvantage of baking as a cooking method is that it requires equipment, including an oven.

How is the cooking method different from the way cook in the United states?

really its not diffrent atoll

Select the proper method of cooking poultry?

Not sure what the question really is, but here are different methods of cooking poultry that I prefer: -Baking -Frying -Roasting

Does cooking grease kill germs?

No, cooking grease can not kill germs. Try using a different method like using soap or hand sanitizer.

Bests cooking method to kill bacteria?

The best cooking method to kill bacteria is through Sterilization.

Which cooking method ate generally used while cooking vegetables?

Most people simply use the frying method while cooking their vegetables.

Why is it important to use different cooking methods in cooking?

When you cook with a different method, you get a different taste. That's it. yeh true.. but that's not necessarily it. theres various health benefits from different cooking methods. Like grilling drains the fat away. Steaming makes food more easier to digest. they are all different, and all have different advantages and disadvantages :)

Is scampi a shellfish?

Scampi is a cooking method not an actual fish. But it's a cooking method that is majority used in shellfish

Does the method of cooking a potato affect the potato?

If you cooked it in the oven, it would take longer to cook than in the microwave. I think that is the only way the potato is affected.

What type of cooking method is similar to the pilaf method?


What is a wet cooking method?

Wet cooking is the cooking method by which liquid is used. The 6 common wet methods are: Braising, Boiling, Stewing, Simmering, Poaching and Steaming.

What does a cooking method tell you?

A cooking method tells you how much to put of a certain ingredient, how to cook the food, and how long to cook the food for.

How do you translate oven cooking to pressure cooking?

Oven cooking is a non-pressurized method of cooking that cooks slower through convection and radiant heat methods. Pressure cooking is a pressurized, fast cooking method that speeds up the cooking process. If you have the time, oven cooking is preferred, but if you wish to save energy and time, pressure cooking is the way to go.

Is different style of cooking mean the method used?

Yes, it can be the same meal but if it's cooked in a different style it generally means that the meal is cooked by a different method and also most likely with a few different ingredients. The flavor of the meal might also differ slightly.

What are the advantages of the different methods of cooking?

The advantage is that you can eat the thing easily after cooking and it also kills the harmful bacteria.the cooking method are:Dry heat Cookery MethodsBakingSteamingGrillingRoastingBoilingStewingFryingBarbequing

What is the melting method in cooking?

it is when you melt something

Is roasting an unhealthy cooking method?


What is white and brown in cooking method?


What is the whisking method used for?

Baking and cooking

Is stir frying a cooking method?