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Q: What are the different cleaning tools in the house?
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What is periodic cleaning?

periodic cleaning is the cleaning of different parts of the house

Picture and how to use this equipment in housekeeping?

types and uses cleaning tools in house hold

Tools needed for duct cleaning?

Long story short, I need to get some duct cleaning work done, and I'd like to do it myself. It is a 2 story house. What tools do I need?

How and when is cleaning agents used?

The cleaning agents are made up of different chemicals and used for different cleaning sources of house. The use of each cleaning agent is different to another cleaning agents. The professionals can help you to tell about method of its use.

What are the 3s in cleaning and washiing kitchen tools and equipment?

cleaning agent approved chemical sanitizer cleaning tools

What are some recommended vacuum tools for pets?

There are many different vacuum tools that are good at cleaning up after pets. Some of the more common tools are brushes with certain bristle patterns and a small power head for cleaning furniture.

Where can I buy window cleaning tools?

The best window cleaning tools are going to be ones that last such as aluminum polls for squeegees. The best cleaning tools can be bought online from

What does green house cleaning mean?

green house cleaning means to clean the house through eco-friendly means. it can be done either by using different natural substances to clean your home or by reducing the use of chemicals to clean the house.

Where online can I buy carpet cleaning tools for a small apartment?

Where online can I buy carpet cleaning tools? I live in a small apartment, so they don't have to be big, professional tools.

Questions on tools and equipment for duct cleaning?

Do I need special tools for hood duct cleaning? Is regular duct cleaning type equipment satisfactory?

When was Cleaning House created?

Cleaning House was created on 2010-09-27.

What skills do house cleaning jobs require?

There are different kinds of skills that are required for a house cleaning job. You have to be patient and the urge to clean everything. Just donå«t be afraid of anything you have to clean.

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