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What are the different forms of the word you?


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February 13, 2015 1:38PM

The pronoun 'you' is a personal pronoun, a word that takes the place of the noun or nouns for the person (or persons) spoken to.

The other second person pronouns are:

  • yours = a possessive pronoun which takes the place of a noun belonging to the one spoken to;
  • your = a possessive adjective which is placed before a noun to describe that noun as belonging to the one spoken to;
  • yourself = a reflexive pronoun, a word that 'reflects back' to its antecedent; also an intensive pronoun, a word that emphasizes its antecedent.

Example sentences:

Jack, you are a good friend. (personal pronoun)

Jill, the winning entry is yours. (possessive pronoun)

Your entry was voted best. (possessive adjective)

You should be proud of yourself. (reflexive pronoun)

You yourself did the work. (intensive pronoun)