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The XTR suffix was on the model 70 rifles until 1989.I know there were the model 70 featherweight,The model 70 XTR european featherweight,the model 70 sporter.

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The XTR on your rifle was to indicate the level of finish to it.Some say it was abbreviated for Extra.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 70 rifle was made in the year 1979.

Your Winchester model 70 XTR sporter was produced in the year 1988.I am in the process of buying one that is new in the box also.Mine is chambered for the .270 Weatherby Magnum,and was made in the year 1988.

Your rifle dates from the year 1987,with the serial number that you have provided.The XTR series was discontinued in the year 1989.

0-1500 USD depending on exact configuration, age and condition.

Depending on condition anywhere from $350 to $500.

I have a Winchester model 70 that I purchased new in 1979. It's serial # is 1,430,611. Yours was probably produced 3-4 years later.

your winchester model 70xtr was made by winchester in 1984.

The XTR series of rifles were made from 1983-1989 by Winchester including the model 70 rifle.If you would be so inclined.Your serial number would date the year of manufacture of your model 70 rifle.Please include the letter prefix G before the serial number if it is present.Also include a detailed description of the rifles amount of original finish and bore condition.This will go far in determining the value of your Winchester model 70 rifle.

That would all depend on when your Winchester model 70 carbine was made.By determining this we would be able to see what type of grades were offered at the time of your rifles production.If you include your serial number,I would be able to date your model 70 carbine and see what grades were available at the time of production.

Depending on the grade percentage it can be anyware from $225.00 to $450.00

Its value is between 300-575 dollars depending on the overall condition of the rifle.

value is about $400-600 depending on condition and the date of manufacture is 1999

A Winchester model 70 XTR which was made in 1979 will bring between 350-500 dollars depending on overall condition,and that the bore is not eroded.this happens in a rifle with a serious overbore cartridge such as a 264 Win mag.

Various grades were offered. Standard, Custom, etc..

That all depends on the overall condition of the rifle in question.Most rifles will bring between 275-475 dollars in overall good condition and a bore to match.

Well, I dont think thats a likely occurance as the model 70 had a different bolt style than the model 54 and the locking lug cuts would have to be different.

Yes.The Winchester model 70 classic custom grade rifle was chambered in .300 Weatherby Mag.This model was made from 1990-1994.The custom ultimate classic wcaliber as also available from 1995-2006 in this chambering.The model 70 Winlite was chambered in .300 Weatherby.This model was made from 1986-1990.The model 70 classic stainless BOSS was available from 1996-1997 in this caliber.The classic sporter BOSS was available in this caliber in 1996.The classic sporter III was chambered for this caliber from 1994-2000.The model 70 sporter was chambered in this from 1989-1994.This model was also marked XTR sporter in 1989.

Yes.A fine made rifle in a great caliber.I had one in .308Win and loved it.That rifle took many deer.

Your gun was built in 1986. The 25-06 is a good all around caliber and the Model 70 is highly sought after pricing at $500 to $650 in good used condition.

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