What are the different kinds of first aid?

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Different organizations, such as ARC or AHA or EMS facilities, teach first aid, No matter where the class is taken, the material taught is basically the same.
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What is First Aid?

First Aid is the temporary and immediate help given to an injured or a sick person before professional medical treatment can be provided. This timely assistance, comprising of simple medical techniques, is most critical to the victims and is, often, life saving. Any lay person can be trained to admi ( Full Answer )

How do you do first aid?

In a lot of places such as schools, construction sites, general industries, etc. first aid treatments training are already being given to employees in case of emergencies but in those industries, first aid kits are already required. It depends which part of First-Aid. Choking, splinting, CPR, etc. ( Full Answer )

How is AIDS different from HIV?

Actually .. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS . H - Human: because this virus can only infect human beings. I - Immuno-deficiency: because the effect of the virus is to create a deficiency, a failure to work properly, within the body's immune system. V - Virus: because this organism is a vi ( Full Answer )

Is aids a kind of cancer?

No, AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and is a disease of the immune system caused by a virus, not a cancer. It does progressively reduce the effectiveness of the immune system and leaves individuals susceptible to opportunistic infections and tumors.

What kind of Work is done by rural people to provide first aid for burning?

I've encountered the following:. Icepacking or cooling the wound . Applying oils, greases or lipids -- this reduces air contact but is NOT a recommended method. . Various poultices, that seem to rely on earth, moldy bread, etc. I think what I'm seeing here is they're finding something with a Pen ( Full Answer )

What are the different marking aids in sewing?

Tailor's tacks, which are marker stitches Tailor's chalk, which makes chalk marks Chalk paper, which is used in a similar way to carbon paper but uses chalk dust to mark

What is the first step in First-Aid?

It depends which part of First-Aid. Choking, splinting, CPR, etc. >>First fo course you must assess the situation e.t.c. but probably the most important thing to do is ABC s!! A irway B reathing C irculation A - Tilt the head back to allow easy breathing (unless you suspect a cervical fra ( Full Answer )

What to do first in first aid?

one useful way of knowing which steps to take is by DR. ABC D = Danger - scene safety issues that may endanger you, your partner or casualty further R= response - do you need further back up (now the time to call 911 or 999 or national emergency phone number) A= Airway- is the airway open a ( Full Answer )

What kind of material does a first aid box contain?

They usually contain basic bandages such as band aids. They also usually have some protection like rubber gloves. Mostly all of them have some kind of disinfectant for cuts. More advanced kits contain tweezers and scissors. There are a huge variety of materials that can be put in a first aid kit.

What kind of job can you get with First Aid and CPR certification?

There are not very many jobs available that has CPR and First Aid certification only as requirements. You may get a job at a first aid station at a concert or public function such as a raft race. If you obtain instructor certification, you may be able to teach CPR & First Aid for the American Heart ( Full Answer )

Where can you get first aid?

well it depends, if you are at any public place ie. fast food, mall, amusement park etc. there should be trained first aiders. if none around police or any government personal should have some basic training. In a lot of places such as schools, construction sites, general industries, etc. first aid ( Full Answer )

What are different kinds of first aid?

There are many different kinds of first aid. This includes firstaid that has to do with wounds. It also include first aid thatincludes a person choking.

What kinds of people get aids easily?

High risk groups include drug users who share needles, people that engage multiple sex partners, receiving anal intercourse.

What is the first law of first aid?

Well there isn't really a first law . I think you are talking about what LIONEL means. Location of incident Incident Other Info Number of injured Extensive injuries Location of casualty (is there any dangers around the area?) The main thing which most get wrong is NO MATTER HOW MUCH ( Full Answer )

What are 3 kinds of graphic aids?

Timelines,Maps,and Graphs. More Graphic Aids: Diagrams and Chats/Tables Thanks: I know this is correct cuz im a fifth grader and my reading teacher told me this. Hope you get your answer correct with this answer!:)

What kinds of AIDS are treatable?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a diagnosis and not a disease. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes someone to develop AIDS. HIV is definitely treatable. Many different medications are available and are usually used together in a treatment plan referred to as "c ( Full Answer )

What kind of AIDS is Kenya facing?

The bad kind. HIV/AIDS. Between 1,400,000 and 1,800,000 adults were living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2007.

Is the difference between first aid and trauma first aid blood and spurting blood?

First aid is the initial help that is given to a person with the goal of preserving them as well as possible until they can get more definitive treatment, often at a hospital. Many people also use the term to mean the treatment of minor self limited injuries that need no other treatment, such as sma ( Full Answer )

What is first aid about?

First aid is the First aid. Is is the initial treatment of injuries. Sometimes it's role is basic life support while waiting for advanced life support (Ambulance). It is also a series of action (depending on the injury) being done to avoid infections, fatalities, loss of blood. etc.

What kind of stop smoking aids are there?

One popular aid to stopping smoking is the nicotine patch, gum, or nasal spray. This helps in gradual withdrawal from an addiction to nicotine. Hypnosis and acupuncture are sometimes effective. There are also drugs which must be prescribed by a doctor.

What is The purpose of the first aid guide in the first aid kit?

Well, the purpose of the First aid kit guide probably just so you can have a quick look through it if you have trained or is training to be a first aider and could help you along the way! In a lot of places such as schools, construction sites, general industries, etc. first aid treatments training a ( Full Answer )

What does AID mean in first aid?

aid verb (used with object) 1. to provide support for or relief to; help: to aid the homeless victims of the fire. 2. to promote the progress or accomplishment of; facilitate. 3. in the word "first aid" - it means the primary care to possible injuries. to decrease the chances of infection, ( Full Answer )

Can you administer first aid if you are not first aid trained?

You can perform first aid up to the level of a reasonable person. For example if you saw some one bleeding a reasonable person would cover the wound while they call 911. Calling 911, the dispatchers can also give you instructions on what to do as well. If you go out and buy a big fancy medic kit b ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?

The difference between HIV and AIDS is that HIV is the virus that causes the disease AIDS. You can be a carrier of the HIV virus and not contract the disease but you can infect others.

What is the first process of first aid?

DRS ABC Danger - Always check for signs of danger to yourself, bystanders and the casualty. Is it safe to approach the casualty? Make sure you do not put yourself in danger when going to the assistance of another person. If it is too dangerous for you to approach then keep yourself and others back a ( Full Answer )

What kind of a store is Rite Aide?

Rite Aid is a drugstore that first opened in 1962. The first store was located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the chain is currently the largest chain of drugstores on the East Coast.

What kind of aid is foreign aid exactly?

Foreign aid is provided to countries that have a specific need of additional help, generally found in the third world. The rich countries of the world provide assistance to those countries who have a poor economy and are unable to help themselves. The aid can be used to help build schools, hospitals ( Full Answer )

What kind of first aid should one use for a gun shot wound before paramedics arrive?

Gunshot wounds are a major trauma and thus should be treated as quickly as possible in hospital. A first aider's responsibility when treating a gunshot wound in this case is to minimise blood loss by applying direct pressure (or if need be indirect pressure) to restrict the blood flow to the injured ( Full Answer )

What kind of drink is cool aid?

Cool aid is a sugar drink that is like lemonade. This drink is very popular in the United States and could be the cause of a lot of cavities and overweight children.

What kind of first aid is given to victims of jellyfish stings?

The three goals of first aid for uncomplicated stings are toprevent injury to rescuers, deactivate the nematocysts , and remove tentacles attached to thepatient. Vinegar (3-10% aqueous acetic acid ) may be used as a common remedy tohelp with box jellyfish stings.Clearing the area of jelly, ten ( Full Answer )

What kind of first aid to be given at home in severe cuts?

If its a severe appendage like a leg or arm, then keep it elevatedand apply pressure directly or if that fails use a tourniquet. Ifit something small like a finger, bandage, apply pressure withopposite hand. If they are serious, go to the hospital after doingthe steps.

What is band aid used for in first aid?

Its basic use is to cover an open cut or wound and prevent dirt andbacteria from causing an infection. It also helps to stem theslight blood seepage that may come from a shallow cut.