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Here are some of the different types or kinds of narratives:

Epics - lengthy stories of heroic exploits

Fables - stories that teach a lesson, often using animal characters

Folk Tales - old stories that reveal cultural customs

Fantasy - fiction stories about unrealistic characters and events that would never happen

Science Fiction - fiction stories based on scientific fact

Horror - fiction stories that are scary or horrific

Historical Fiction - fiction stories set in the past, containing some true facts

Legend - stories based on fact, but with exaggeration about the hero

Myth - ancient stories meant to explain nature or life

Plays - stories in the form of dialogue, meant to be performed on the stage or in a movie

Realistic Fiction - stories whose characters and events could occur in real life

Short Stories - brief stories focusing on one character and event

Tall Tales - humorous exaggeration stories focusing on a mythical hero

Biography - detailed accounts of someone's life

News - information about current events

There are also sub-categories of the above, such as:

Captivity narratives - the progatonist is captured and describes a foreign culture

Quest narratives - the character(s) must work to achieve a goal

A narrative is a story told in words. Any story you can think of, any telling of what happened--and then what happened--and what happened next--is a narrative, whether it's written down or spoken aloud. A book that tells a story is one example of a narrative.

There are six different types of narratives and they are linear, multinarrative, dual, flashback, fragmanted, and metafictive.

A personal narrative, an autobiography, a poem, a short story, a novel, or any literary work. It can also be used in fine art for pictoral illustrative narrations.

Stream of Consciousness: This resembles a train of thought or internal monologue.

Inadequate Narrator: Leaves a lot of blanks in the novel/text due to the individuals ignorance of the plot.

Unreliable Narrator: Deliberately bias with the information they are given, manipulating the events they are told or experience.

Free indirect narrator: Honest thoughts and feelings expressed personally. Take 'asides' in plays for instance, or say if someone were muttering under their breath. This allows the reader to follow how the narrator feels about certain characters and so on.

Focalizer: This is where events are told from a particular point of view, i.e. the story of a woman may be told from someone elses point of view.

Self-conscious narrator: Reminding you constantly it's a novel/text you are reading.

Multiple narration: More than one narrator.

Intrusive Narrator: Intervenes with the normal narrative.

Omniscient narrator: A narrative mode in which the reader and narrator are aware of all of the action that occurs within the novel.

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Q: What are the different kinds of narrative?
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