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use of literary devices(simile,metaphor,personification,alliteration,onomatopoeia)

use of words in a symbolic way(black-mouring,red-love etc)

use of appropriate adjectives to ehance description

use of appropriate language registers

use of exaggeration

use of persuasive language

use of rhetorical questions

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Q: What are the different language techniques?
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there are different types of language techniques but difficult to find as the text is written in a different way but it is easy to spot language techniques such as repitition, alitteration ect.. other techniques you could find are metaphors and similies you could also add imagery of different sorts as Macbeth uses a wide rande of them e.g clothing imagery, colour imagery ect..

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Langston Hughes' poems are known for their effective use of language techniques such as imagery, personification, and symbolism. These techniques enhance the emotional impact of his poetry and allow readers to connect with the themes of identity, racism, and social injustice that are prevalent in his work. Overall, the language techniques in Hughes' poems contribute to the power and enduring impact of his writing.

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