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SAP is basically use to optimize business and there are various sap modules. In categorize manner i would like to introduce you about sap technical module, sap functional module, sap overview.

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Technical Modules:

1. Programming (ABAP)


Main Functional SAP ERP Modules:

1. FICO (Finance & Controlling)

2. HR (Human Resource)

3. PP (Production Planning)

4. MM (Material Management)

5. SD (Sales & Distribution)

6. PM (Plant Maintenance)

7. PS (Project System)

8. QM (Quality Management)

9. BIW (Business Information Warehousing)

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Q: What are the different modules of erp system?
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What is the best ERP Singapore?

Several ERP systems are available in Singapore, and the best one for your organization depends on your specific business needs and requirements. Some popular ERP systems in Singapore include: Globe3 ERP: Globe3 ERP is a popular ERP solution for small and mid-sized businesses. It offers a range of modules, including financial management, sales, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based ERP system that offers a range of modules, including finance, sales, marketing, and supply chain management. NetSuite: NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system that offers a range of modules, including financial management, accounting, inventory management, and order management. Ultimately, the best ERP system for your organization will depend on your specific business needs and goals. It is important to conduct thorough research, evaluate different ERP systems, and consider factors such as functionality, scalability, ease of use, and cost before making a decision.

What is non-ERP System?

any system which is not erp is non erp system

What are the different modules in Microsoft ERP?

Financial Management Sales & Marketing Purchase Warehouse Manufacturing Resource Planning Service Human Resources Administration

What was the main reason for using an ERP system at JHI?

The main reason that JHI wanted to move to an ERP system is to improve data quality and reporting across their different institution.

What is different between sap mm and sap pp?

Both are functional modules in SAP ERP. MM stands for Material Management and PP stands for Production Planning.

When was Jeeves - ERP system - created?

Jeeves - ERP system - was created in 1992.

Where can one find an ERP system definition?

One can find an ERP system using various different resources. The major companies that offer services for this would be Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and SSA Global.

What Are a Few ERP Implementation Methods?

ERP system can be done in three different ways: all at once, gradually, and concurrently. There are benefits and drawbacks to any strategy by nature.

What is ERP ERP Modules?

Every organisation has a lot of functions happening. Like Finance dept,marketing dept,production dept, human resource etc. ERP binds all these functions together. But all these functions should also be independent in order to carry on by itself. Hence these functions form your modules. So every ERP has a Finance,Marketing,Production,Human Resource,Document Management systems. You don't have to have individual suites to manage them

What is System Applications and Products?

Sap is the Solution of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) it is used for the planning the entire resources of an organization, there are many modules in the sap e.g HR,B ONE,MM etc