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Mantal, orvaries, mouth, foot.

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Q: What are the different parts of caves?
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What are the different types are caves?

granite caves sea caves sandstone caves . stay in school

Where are Ireland's caves?

There are caves in many parts of Ireland. For example there are the Ailwee Caves in county Clare and the Dunmore caves in county Kilkenny. Thee are mountains all around Ireland and many caves can be found in them.

What are the different kinds of caves?

The most common types of cave are limestone caves.

Are there different types of caves?

Yes, there are various types of caves, including limestone caves, lava tubes, sea caves, ice caves, and solution caves. Each type of cave is formed through different geological processes and conditions, resulting in unique characteristics and features.

Why is your cave on Pokemon Yellow different?

The Victory Road caves are always different in different versions. Some other caves are changed, too.

Are the ajanta and elephanta caves the same?

no...they are quite different...Ajanta caves are near the village Ajanta (close to aurangabad) whereas Elephanta caves are near Mumbai

What are the different types of caves?

The main types of caves are solution caves, lava caves, sea caves, glacier caves, and talus caves. Solution caves form from the dissolution of soluble rocks like limestone; lava caves are created by flowing lava; sea caves are carved by the action of waves on coastal cliffs; glacier caves form within glaciers due to melting and refreezing processes; and talus caves are formed by fallen rocks creating cave-like structures.

Where is shist found in the world?

in underground caves normally in the northern parts of the world such as Greenland

Can Fraggles be able to survive in deeper parts of the caves in underground?

Yes they can, they just have to be close to doozers. If there are doozers in the deeper parts then fraggles can survive.

What living and nonliving parts of the ecosystem helps a gray wolf?

woods caves artic meat

Where are most caves found?

Most caves are found in areas with limestone bedrock, as it is easily dissolved by water, creating caves through a process called karst topography. These areas include regions like Kentucky in the United States, parts of China, and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

What are some different habitats?

lakes, woods, tundras, caves, ect.