Water Pollution

What are the different pollutants that are found in water?

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Different pollutants may harm the water cycle. It can make the water acidic.

There are many types of pollutants, and they are classified by the parts of the environment they pollute. The most common are water pollutants and air pollutants.

After pollutants were found in the water, the council had to turn it off until the problem was resolved.

It could be because of pollution (some areas are less polluted than others) and it somehow might get into the water. Drinking water comes from different sources even if the water doesn't have harmful pollutants or impurity's in it the minerals found in water from different places will cause it to have a different taste.

Every chemical that goes to rivers and lakes are water pollutants.

Ozone is different from other pollutants. It is a secondary pollutant.

types of water pollutants and their sources

Pollutants are energy or substances that have adverse or undesired effects when introduced into the environment. In nature, pollutants include stock pollutants and notable pollutants.

YES BECAUSE some pollutants are evaporated with water

Dispersing pollutants in larger volumes of water is called dilution.

Water-borne pollutants refers to pollutants that move or flow through water bodies. Some of them include spillages, hydrocarbon, chemical drained in water bodies and so much more.

There are many different kinds of pollutants. Two of the most dangerous pollutants are from factory runoff and factory smog.

Precipitation can carry pollutants in water whereby when moisture rises and mixes with gases from industries thereby condensing and falling back as acid rain may carry the pollutants into water.

by not putting pollutants in water

The leading source of pollutants found in rivers surveyed for the 1998 report was agriculture.

chemicals and waste products are examples of pollutants

Aquifer Pollution is where pollutants seep into the ground and make it unsutible to use. Pollutants can be garbage water, acid, or sewage. Aquifer Pollution is where pollutants seep into the ground and make it unsutible to use. Pollutants can be garbage water, acid, or sewage.

Whenever harmful substances such as sewage, toxic chemicals, silt, etc.., get mixed with the water, the water becomes polluted. The substances that pollute water are called Water Pollutants

Rain water is essentially distilled, that is, it lacks the mineral content commonly found in ground water, surface water and sea water. However. rain water may be affected by atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur and carbon, depending on atmospheric conditions. Rain water naturally is slightly acidic at pH 5.2, so it may have a different pH level than other water.

secondary pollutants are pollutants that form from chemical reactions that occur when primary pollutants come in contact with other primary polluants or with naturally occurring substances such as water vapor.

Secondary pollutants. Secondary pollutants are pollutants caused by man. Which consider smog, chemical pollution,ect.. Primary pollutants. primary pollutants are pollutants that are caused by nature. Volcano's eruptions etc. pollution can be caused in the air water sound and any where in the environment

When pollutants combine with water and air it will produce acid rain. This is harmful for the environment and should be remedied.

When acids caused by pollutants combine with water in the air, acid rain is formed. Some examples of acidic air pollutants are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

Some remedies ARE, less discharge of pollutants into the ground where the pollutants can leach into the ground water and aquifers, filtering waste water before it is reintroduced to the ground.