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Q: What are the different storage classes in C?
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What is different storage class in c?

Different from what? Storage classes are auto, register, static, extern and typedef (formally).

What is storage classes in c plus plus?

AUTO EXTERN STATIC are the storage classes in c++

What is the advantages of storage class in c?

advantage of storage classes

How many classes of storage do you have?

In C there are four storage classes: automatic, external, register and static.

What are the storage classes in c?

A storage class defines the visibility and lifetime of variables or/and functions within a C Program. There are following storage classes which can be used in a C Program: auto register static extern

What is the application of static and extern storage classes in C?

There are four storage classes in ca) autob) registerc) staticd) extern

Storage classes available in c language?

Storage classes are auto, register, static, extern and typedef (formally only).

What are c storage classes?

storage classes determines the part of memory where storage is allocated for an object. a scope specifies the part of the program which a variable name is visible, that is accessibility of the variable by its name. in c language there are four storage classes automatic, external, register, static.

What are difference storage classes in c?

i dont know so why are you asking me

What are different storage class in c?

the differente storage classices is auto,extern,register,and static storage class

Explain the different access storage specifiers available in c?

The storage class specifiers in C and C++ are:autoexternmutableregisterstatictypedefA storage class specifier is used to refine the declaration of a variable, a function, and parameters

Why you need to declare auto storage class specifier in c language?

We don't. The auto storage class is the default storage class for all local variables and is therefore completely redundant in C. It exists for no other reason than that C evolved from B and inherited all its storage classes (auto, static, extern and register).

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